Netflix Drama Movies Review

The Notebook (2004)

Rating: 10/10

The Notebook came out in 2004 and was based in the 1940s, but I just watched it for the first time now. It’s the basic love story type of movie, two people fall for each other, but there’s some crazy issue that gets between the two of them. In all reality I did not expect myself to enjoy this movie as much as I had. And I will admit, there were some corny parts of the movie but I found myself not being able to take my eyes off the screen regardless. The storyline was just so intriguing. I also cried a lot. This was the most tears I let out while watching a movie in a minute. Not that it was sad but the main characters, Allie and Noah had such a strong love for each other and the actors who played them, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, portrayed their love really well I cried almost throughout the entire end half of the movie.

Bird Box (2018)

Rating: 7/10

Bird Box was the talk of December 2018 as it was trending on every social media platform. The actors received so much recognition from this movie too, but that’s because they all played great roles and kept the movie alive. The main character, Sandra Bullock, brought tears to my eyes. I cried so much near the ending of the movie too, when the family that struggled for protection and peace finally got it. The movie didn’t get a perfect rating because I was always a bit confused throughout the movie. Like I never fully understood why it was birds that could sense the evil monsters that people were so afraid of. And even though I disliked it, all the questions I had that were unanswered made the movie suspenseful. 

My Girl (1991)

Rating: 6/10

I still can’t decide if I liked this movie or not. It was probably the most confusing movie I’ve ever watched. I didn’t understand the conflict of the story until the very end so, throughout the entire movie I was just left thinking, “What?”. Once I figured out the conflict of the plot, the story was so much better. I reasoned the conflict to be the main character, Vada (played by actress Anna Chlumsky), had troubles with figuring out the significance of death since her father worked at a funeral home and she was so used to it. Although, when her best friend, Thomas J. (played by Macaulay Culkin) died, it forced her to deal with death head on. And with her only being 11 years old, it was hard. At the same time, she had to understand and support her father that was remarrying after the death of her mother. The movie always had a lot going on and for this reason is why I decided to rate My Girl just a 6/10. 

Dear John (2010)

Rating: 3/10

This is another romantic drama, like The Notebook. Although, I did not find myself interested in this at all. The idea behind the plot of the movie made sense, but I disliked the acting and how corny the movie was. The background of the story was a soldier named John (played by Channing Tatum) fell in love with a college student named Savannah (played by Amanda Seyfried) but he had to leave her to go off to war in Afghanistan. The time in this movie was around 9/11 so it was his duty to help America during the state of emergency. This caused for the two of them to always mail each other letters while he was off to war. And that was basically the movie. And there’s also the part of his dad suffering from autism. But even though I didn’t enjoy the entire movie, the ending wasn’t bad because it was unexpected. John and Savannah didn’t end up together and live happily ever after, so it was weird to see a change. I will admit this is one of the first movies I have watched and not shed a single tear so it 100% lacks an intriguing plot.


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