Wilder vs fury 2 recap

Round 2 of the Wilder vs Fury fight did not disappoint as these 2 went guns blazing when the first bell rang. Tyson Fury is 6’9”,273 pounds, 31 years old from Britain. DeontayWilder is 6’7” 231 pounds fighting from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. After controlling the WBC World Championship fight early, Fury (27-0-1, 19 KOs) miraculously overcame two knockdowns by Wilder (40-0-1, 39 KOs) – including one in round 12 – in the improbable draw. The judges scored the bout 115-111 for Wilder, 114-112 for Fury and 113-113. Wilder knocked down Fury twice and hit Fury the hardest he has ever hit someone and Fury got up. This will lead into the highly anticipated fights in 20 years in Wilder vs Fury 2. 

Black History Month

Black History Month is celebrated every year in the United States during the month of February. During this month, people recognize historical African Americans who have contributed significantly to the United States of America. According to the article “Black History Month” by History.com, the month of February is also celebrated as “African American History Month” and was previously known as “Negro History Week”. However, now-a-days most people just name the celebration as Black History Month because it celebrates the history of Black-Americans. This article also makes a comment that Black History Month was first celebrated in 1915, which was about half a century after the Thirteenth Amendment was created. The Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery.

Activities for Singles on Valentines Day

Babysit for a couple that never gets a date night


Are you good with kids? Do you have married friends? Do your friends constantly need a sitter? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you may consider spending valentines day doing arts and crafts with a 9 year old, and maybe even getting paid. 

Valentines – Creative gifts

Getting gifts for that special someone is hard when you don’t want to get them the same boring red flowers and the milk chocolates that are shaped like a heart. If you want to spice up Valentines day and get something that is creative and interesting this is the place to be!

Rose Bear– These are cute and can be bought for anyone. The rose bear is made up of 20 artificial rose flowers. It is a unique gift that is elegant and fascinating. The bears come in a bunch of different colors and cost around $70.

Sweet RetroViewer- This gift is definitely one of the most creative gifts. Much like the real viewers made in 1939 these ones don’t display comics they display pictures of you and your special someone. You simply send pictures to the company and they make a special reel out of it. After they send it to you along with the actual real viewer.

Exploding Photo Boxes– This is a very trendy gift. This is one of those cute Pinterst gifts. It is basically a box that has small cuts on the sides so when you pull the lid off the sides fall and show pictures of you and your loved one. After you open the first top another one is under it until you aren’t able to open it anymore. You can also make it but it would be easier to buy.

Succulent Valentines– This is a cute way to show that Valentines would “succ” without them. Okay but really this is a cute gift that almost anyone would love. A succulent is a small cacti, succulents aren’t always spiky you can always get a jade plant.

Love Viles- This is a fun and cute way to present that boring looking candy. You can put M&Ms, Skittles or basically any small candy you can get your hands on. Candy is always the way to go when you are trying to get something last minute but this way it will make it seem cuter and not like you just spent 5 mins. running around your nearest store for something to get.

Candy Boxes– This is just a box filled with your loved ones favorite candy and if they don’t like candy you can simply fill it with whatever you want. This is a simple yet cute way to style your candy much like the candy viles this is easy to put together.

Valentines Day on OTR

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Since Valentine’s day is coming fast you are making your plans for you and your significant other. Cincinnati has some of the best romantic places for valentines day. One of these places is OTR. OTR stands for Over the Rhine. Over the Rhine has been very popular in the last 10 years. It has been built up and renovated a lot. Many big businesses have moved in over the years. Starting this Friday Over the Rhine is the place to go. 

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Bellevue Park is the Perfect Place for a Valentine’s Date

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many people are wanting to pick a location to take their significant other on a date. Instead of a standard restaurant, I picked out Bellevue Park. Bellevue Park is located just north of downtown Cincinnati and is a perfect place to have a quiet date. It is also hands-down one of the best places to get a view of the amazing Cincinnati Skyline.

3 main Sports Trading Card Companies

“What exactly is a trading card? It is a card typically created from thick paper, which is meant to be collected and traded. The cards usually include: a picture of a person/thing/ place, either real or fictitious, a name or description of the picture, and some type of relevant information. Trading cards actually evolved from cards known as “trade cards.” Topps Baseball Cards came out with the first baseball cards in 1951.  Back in the 1950’s they would put a strip of bubble gum in the pack of gum. Trading cards buck in the 1800’s hundreds were at first to protect a pack of cigarettes because of how stiff they were and would keep the packaging from bending. 

What Stresses teens out/ and How teens deal with stress

We are all in high school or were in high school one time in life. School, life, and working can put so much stress on a student. Stress levels have increased greatly in recent years, and people are wondering how to cope. I am here to tell you why stress has risen and how students are dealing with the stress in their lives. 

According to studies, stress has risen 44 percent in the last five years due to worries about money, work, school and anything that deals with the economy. Stress is taking a toll on kids due to school. Almost a third of children have reported that they have experienced physical health symptoms such as headaches, stomach aches, trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Parents claim that their stress has no impact on their children or that their stress is affecting their kids, but their stress does affect their kids some of the time. Only 14 percent  of kids claim that their parents’ stress doesn’t affect them or impact them. 


Recent studies show that students in high school experience more stress during the school week and prefer to release their stress during the weekends by hanging with friends or family or by being alone and just thinking about what they should do to help themselves at school or work. When students are stressed they tend not to eat and they do not sleep. Also they are more shut off from their friends and family and talk less. Teens deal with a lot of stress and they do have some ways to deal with stress.