The Coronavirus Now Has a Name

The coronavirus that has been sweeping across the world and spreading fear and death now has an official name. After months of being around and spreading from Wuhan, the virus has officially been named COVID-19. The name was announced by the director-general of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, on Tuesday. According to Tedros, the name is important because it’s meant to prevent the use of other names that could seem stigmatizing or inaccurate. The name also “gives us a standard format to use for any future coronavirus outbreaks.” “co” and “vi” comes from corona and virus, while the D stands for Disease. 19 stands for the date of 2019. The World Health Organization set guidelines in 2015 that ensured a disease name doesn’t reference a geographical location, an animal, an individual, or a group of people, while also being able to pronounce the disease in a way that is related to the disease. Hence why the new name, COVID-19 doesn’t reference Wuhan, the origin of the disease.

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Why Pete Rose Should be in the Hall of Fame

Pete Rose, The Hit King, should be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Pete Rose played in the MLB from 1963 to 1986 for the Reds, Phillies, and Expos. He is the most recent player-manager (a player who started on the team and also managed it at the same time). Rose had a very successful career until he was caught. Here are the reasons Pete Rose should be unbanned from Baseball.

2020 Oscars

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If you didn’t catch the Oscars on Sunday February 9 here is what you missed. “Parasite” the South Korea movie really took over as it won 4 of the biggest awards of the night. They were nominated for 6 all together. The four they took home were  Best Original Screenplay, Best International Film, Best director, and finally Best Picture. It seems as if this was a big shock, yet also expected since the movie was thriving on everything. This is the first time in 92 years an International film has won best picture and multiple awards.

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I decided to interview a fellow student at WCHS that is involved in the HOSA program. HOSA is Future Health Professionals who compete at regional and state competitions in Ohio. I decided to interview Lily Wilfert, a senior at West Clermont High School. Lily competes with Physical Therapy in the HOSA program. She plans on going to Ohio University and will there double major in Pre-Physical Therapy and Athletic Training. 

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Women of Super Bowl 54

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There were countless amazing performances during the Super Bowl, both during the game and when the boys were off the field. However, this isn’t all about the boys. So many powerful women were involved in Super Bowl 2020. One of which was actually involved in the game.

Katie Sower

Katie with 49er player Deedo Samuel #19

Katie has made a large name for herself. Being the assistant offensive coach for the 49ers, she is the second woman and first openly gay coach to hold a full-time coaching position in the NFL. She is also the first female NFL coach to take her team to the Super Bowl. She took part in the 49ers throwing 10 touchdowns. They might not have won, but Katie will still go down in history. She knows the game like the back of her hand. In the past, Katie played professional football as a quarterback and defensive back. She was incredibly talented. While playing on the U.S national team she led the team to a gold medal on the world championship. Ever since she was young she dreamed of being a football coach. Now she spends her days attending San Francisco’s practices and telling her guys what to do from the press box. Hit “2” to read more.

China is Infected With a Coronavirus

There is a previously undiscovered virus sweeping across China and has already taken over 200 victims. It all started in a fish market in Wuhan, China, a city with a population of around eleven million people. Thousands of people are being quarantined in China, with the virus already reaching the US. It was found infecting a suburban Seattle man who had just come back from a trip to China. It was also found in California, Arizona, and Chicago. A new development occurred on January 28 where two students tested possibly positive for the Coronavirus at a local University, Miami University.