Young Uprising Actors and Actresses

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     We all watch movies and TV shows with young Actors and Actresses. Like for example Stranger Things, IT chapter 1, and I Am Not Okay With This, and IT Chapter Two. Here are some of the most popular rising young stars:

Coronavirus Shuts Down Ohio Schools

Coronavirus shuts down Ohio schools for 3 weeks. What this means for students in Ohio is unknown. As far as extended spring break to doing online school, we are not yet sure of.

Mike DeWine has been tweeting mentions of the Coronavirus, but as of today 3/12/2020 he has said “We have today again consulted with experts, so we are announcing today that children in the state will have an extended spring break of 3 weeks. We will review it afterwards. This will begin on Monday.” Concluding that all schools in Ohio will be closed until April 3rd beginning on Monday 3/16/20.


Many Ohio colleges have already been sent on spring break, considering some students travel out of state, and even out of the country, the colleges have shut down to the public, and even the students who attend.  College campuses aren’t even allowing students back on campus to collect their belongings. Colleges have been said to be trying some online schooling, but if that’s said to be a good change instead of hands on is yet to be confirmed.


For nationwide Trump has set a European travel ban to stop the Coronavirus from spreading. This may have been a smart move on his part, however this leaves many students who traveled out of the country to be quarantined when they arrive back in the states protecting us Ohioans and Americans.

Ohio governor Mike Dewine has said to keep us updated, as far as we know West Clermont, and all Ohio schools will have an extended spring break, we have yet to receive further information about what’s to happen within those 3 weeks. Stay safe, and sanitize. #COVID19OhioReady


Summary of Mike DeWines tweets


“We shouldn’t panic, but we should take rational actions to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and others. This is an opportunity for us to come together as Ohioans. #COVID19 #COVID19OhioReady #Ohio”


“We are told by medical experts that the number of #COVID19 cases today will double in six days – and it will continue to do so.”

“In regard to state psychiatric hospitals, there will also be no outside visitors permitted. Our @Ohio_MHAS Director will have an order related to this soon. #COVID19 #COVID19OhioReady“

”It does NOT apply to typical office environments, schools, restaurants, factories, or retail or grocery stores where large groups of people are present but it is unusual for them to be within an arm’s length of one another. #COVID19 #COVID19OhioReady”

”At the close of school on Monday is when the school closure starts until April 3. All K-12 schools: Public, private, charter. #COVID19 #COVID19OhioReady”

”Schools: From what we can tell based on what has happened elsewhere — unless a child has another medical problem, the risk of death from #COVID19 for a child is not very high, but kids are potential carriers.”

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Change The World

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We the human race, are basically controlling the whole world. We make changes to it everyday, and the fate of it is in our hands. If anything goes wrong, we are the ones to blame. A large issue that has been greatly debated is climate change. People are dumping carbon monoxide into the air and trash into the ecosystems. It is heating the atmosphere, oceans, and Antarctic ice. Watching videos of this ice melting sends a chill down my spine. Animals and our beloved Earth are in peril. The oceans are filling with trash, more and more added each day. The Pacific Garbage Patch is a perfect example. Sea creatures are dying because they are eating the trash or becoming trapped inside of it . It really isn’t that hard to clean up after yourself. 

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Trees being taken down

However, trash and pollution isn’t the only issue. We are losing trees, and we’re losing them fast. Each year, every U.S. city is losing 36 million trees. Trees are what give us our air. They can protect our farm land and provide homes for animals, keeping them out of danger. According to CNN, trees can reduce temperatures by 10 degrees. They provide us with a fighting chance against global warming. Large parking lots and buildings are taking away these trees. Trees allow better water quality, flood reduction, and an overall beautiful scenery. There are groups of people that plant trees and take care of them. They prune the trees to protect them, and they make sure the trees stay healthy. Money has been raised through social media to grow a whole forest. If more and more people help, the world can become cleaner. 

Why Bill Belichick Is An Elite Coach

Bill Belichick is already known as a great coach. He lead the Patriots to the playoffs for 11 years straight. He coached arguably the greatest quarterback in NFL history in Tom Brady. He led them to a perfect 16 – 0 season. Bill has been an outstanding coach and leader for the Patriots these past years. But what Bill Belichick did this past weekend, might make him go down as an elite coach and one of the best in history.

Bill Belichick, New England Patriot’s Head Coach

We all know that Bill Belichick is known for finding the players that have great talent. He did so in Tom Brady, Julian Eldemen, Stephan Gilmore, etc. He has always gone above and beyond in finding the right talent for the team. But with that being said, he may have just out done himself this past weekend.

Instead of going to the combine in Indianapolis like a lot of the other coaches and recruiters, Bill had different plans. Bill had not gone to the combine in Indianapolis, but

Bill Belichick and Tyshun Render

instead headed over to Tennessee to look at an unknown, low projected DE/OLB Tyshun Render. I guess you can say that Bill saw something in Tyshun, because with these new pictures spreading over social media, you can see a 67 year old Bill Belichick, standing in the freezing rain, putting this Tyshun Render through the gauntlet.

Tyshun Render, Middle Tennessee DE/OLB


Needles to say, Bill Belichick is not just an amazing in season coach, He does a lot in the off-season too. He puts in the extra time and effort that most coaches don’t, to find that one special addition to the team. This is why Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots, will go down as the best coach in NFL history.

A look at the upcoming softball season

It’s that time of the year where you can grab a blanket and a chair and get out side to watch some softball. The West Clermont Wolves Girls softball team is ready for the 2019-2020 season to begin. The wolves have won the ECC (Eastern Cincinnati Conference) for 2 consecutive years in a row and are hoping to do it again for the third straight year. Their record last year was 13-1 and with the only conference loss to Milford, who is a strong competitor in the ECC. The team is coached by Kelly Throckmorton, Bob Reynolds, and Kelsey Cook.

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2019 ECC champs PC: Wchs_softball

One of top athletes on the team, Kinsey Ventura, is a senior who is signed to play at D1 Robert Morris University Gave her outlook on the upcoming season. “My  intake on this year is very positive. I hope to make my SENIOR year the best I can, not only for myself but for the whole team. I want to make this year the BEST it can be and go out with a bang as i hope we take the ECC championship for the third year in a row. Positivity, effort and focus will be the main concept , if we all play as a team we can be very successful this season. I think this season will be a very good one. I am very excited to see what this season has in store for us, the level of competition will be hard for us,  which will keep us on our heels which is good for us in the long run because we will have to play harder. Playing games everyday will be hard so therefore lots of energy is required to be successful .

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Kinsey Ventura starts in right field (2019)

With the level of play that the Varsity level is at , we will be very successful and are capable of making a long run. I am very excited to begin the season to see how far we will go”. Kinsey also plays select softball for Cincy Doom, so I ask her with the differences between select and school ball and how high school ball helps her with her select team . Her response was “ School ball is very fun to play because it is very laid back compared to select, school ball allows me to gain full confidence back and spend lots of time bonding and playing with some of my best friends. The level of competition we face keeps me on my heels and with the number of rivals we face throughout the conference helps make the year a lot more fun. Knowing a lot of girls from a variety of school is also fun because it gives me motivation to want to play harder and win a game 110% more. With that said Wolves prepare for this season and hope to win the ECC for the third year in a row.