Why Bill Belichick Is An Elite Coach

Bill Belichick is already known as a great coach. He lead the Patriots to the playoffs for 11 years straight. He coached arguably the greatest quarterback in NFL history in Tom Brady. He led them to a perfect 16 – 0 season. Bill has been an outstanding coach and leader for the Patriots these past years. But what Bill Belichick did this past weekend, might make him go down as an elite coach and one of the best in history.

Bill Belichick, New England Patriot’s Head Coach

We all know that Bill Belichick is known for finding the players that have great talent. He did so in Tom Brady, Julian Eldemen, Stephan Gilmore, etc. He has always gone above and beyond in finding the right talent for the team. But with that being said, he may have just out done himself this past weekend.

Instead of going to the combine in Indianapolis like a lot of the other coaches and recruiters, Bill had different plans. Bill had not gone to the combine in Indianapolis, but

Bill Belichick and Tyshun Render

instead headed over to Tennessee to look at an unknown, low projected DE/OLB Tyshun Render. I guess you can say that Bill saw something in Tyshun, because with these new pictures spreading over social media, you can see a 67 year old Bill Belichick, standing in the freezing rain, putting this Tyshun Render through the gauntlet.

Tyshun Render, Middle Tennessee DE/OLB


Needles to say, Bill Belichick is not just an amazing in season coach, He does a lot in the off-season too. He puts in the extra time and effort that most coaches don’t, to find that one special addition to the team. This is why Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots, will go down as the best coach in NFL history.

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