Change The World

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The change from January to February of 2020

So how do we do more? One of the strangest things that is currently happening is that, during the months of this Corona virus outbreak, China has seen a large decrease in pollution. It began to greatly increase from January to February of 2019. It reached nearly 500 umol per square miles. Currently, due to the outbreak, people aren’t traveling and businesses aren’t working as much. If we stop producing so much carbon monoxide, it will not take that long to restore the atmosphere to it’s natural levels. 

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A muddy skiing resort in Europe

Currently, in Europe, this is the hottest winter on record. It’s 1.4 degrees above their original record. I’m sure you’ve also noticed that it hasn’t been that cold here this winter as well. In Finland, the temperature is an average of 6 degrees higher than usual. It’s not a slight change anymore. In Russia and Sweden, snow has been sent to resorts for sporting events such as skiing and tubing. It’s quite obvious that we are starting to ruin the world. 

It will take all of us to fix what we have done. Pick up your trash, recycle, save a plastic bag. Do whatever you can to slow this down. If we work together to change our ways, we can fix what we have done, and put a stop to climate change and global warming. 


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