Wack News #2 – Coronavirus Edition

Tom Hanks and His Wife Contract the Virus.

The famous movie star, known for acting as Woody from Toy Story and as Forrest Gump, has contracted the coronavirus while filming a movie in Australia. Not only did Tom Hanks get the virus, but his wife, Rita Wilson also got the virus. The two were getting cold chills, muscle aches, and were running fevers, and after getting checked up, were confirmed to have the coronavirus.

Tom Hanks, and his wife, Rita Wilson ~~ https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-hollywood-star-tom-hanks-and-his-wife-test-positive-11955861

NCAA Basketball Cancelled, NBA Suspended

Right before the tip-off during the Utah Jazz vs Oklahoma City Thunder game, the game was delayed for 30 minutes. Afterwards, the game was cancelled, as it was determined that one of the players for the Jazz, Rudy Gobert, had contracted the virus. This led to the NBA suspending league-play until further notice. NCAA March Madness was right around the corner, as well, and play was going to continue without any fans in the stadiums. The NCAA officials decided to outright cancel March Madness.

March Madness cancelled ~~ https://www.forexlive.com/news/!/march-madness-is-cancelled-20200312

Stock Market Crashes / Plane Tickets Cheap

Due to the fear of the coronavirus, the stock market has begun crashing, as multiple companies’ stocks have been plummeting. No one wants to buy a company’s stocks because most companies won’t be able to make money if they can’t sell to consumers if there are state-wide lock-downs and quarantines. Not only is the stock market crashing, but plane tickets to travel across the country and the world are extremely cheap. The public is avoiding travel due to fears of contracting the virus, so airlines are trying to sell tickets for a cheaper price to make any type of profit. For example, a round-trip from Boston to Barcelona (an international flight) went from $681 to $196. That’s about a 70% price drop. So, if you’re a courageous soul that’s up to traveling under these circumstances, now’s the time to see the world!

Stock Market Crash ~~ https://www.stockinvestor.com/46447/a-stock-market-crash-could-be-caused-by-a-black-swan-event/

States Close Down Schools

Five states (Ohio, Oregon, New Mexico, Michigan, and Maryland) have decided to close down all the schools in their respected states at an attempt to keep large amounts of groups from gathering and spreading the virus any further. These school shutdowns are all projected to last a little under a month. Schools in these states will revert to online learning instead of coming to class to learn in a personal school environment. These schools will also most likely cancel any after-school programs, like Spring sports, band and choir concerts, and other extracurriculars. Among these schools that will be shutting down will be West Clermont High School. Good luck, Wolves!

An empty classroom due to the virus ~~ https://updatednewsreport.com/increase-coronavirus-cases-ohio-maryland-michigan-state-close-all-k-12-school/

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