2020 New NFL Uniforms

  1. New England Patriots
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The New England Patriots came out with their uniforms on April 20,2020 which is actually Patriots Day. “This is the first change to their uniforms in 20 years”. They will be using their Blue on Blue uniforms also during the season but as their “Color Rush” uniforms. When asked about their uniforms Ferron said “As we started to think about the 2020 season and a new decade, we began to envision what we wanted our uniforms to reflect,” Grunder’s Grade:B their can be some changes to the uniforms but all in all a solid

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  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers came out with their new uniforms on April 7th. Buccaneers owner said “This new but familiar look is a direct result of the valuable feedback we received from our fans. We are excited to return to our classic Super Bowl era uniforms while also introducing a sleek Color Rush uniform that showcases our signature pewter in a new and dramatic way.” My personal favorite is going to be the All Black Color Rush uniforms and my least favorite out of the three is the all white because I’m not a big fan of White on White but still a good uniform, Grunder’s Grade B-. If you would like to buy one Buy Buccaneers Jersey 

  1. Cleveland Browns
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The Cleveland Browns came out with their new uniforms on April 15. The Browns are going to pay homage to their roots and add stripes to the side of their uniforms. When asked about the Uniforms President and Owner JW Johnson “We’ve heard it from our fans and from our players. We needed to get back to our roots. These uniforms are much needed as the last years uniforms needed to be cut but they are sticking with that helmet, 

Grunder’s Grade: A They did a really good job on going back to their roots

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  1. Atlanta Falcons
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The Atlanta Falcons releases their new uniforms on April 8th. They came out with 4 different types of uniforms where they are going back to black. They changed the front to ATL and keeping that old fashioned falcons logo. When asked about the new uniforms President, Rich McKay. “Black has been a part of our organization since we took the field in 1966 so we’ve stayed true to our roots and have given our fans and players what they’ve been asking for over many years.”  The color scheme really doesn’t go together except for one uniform the all black uniform. 

Grunders Grade: C

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  1. Los Angeles Chargers
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The Los Angeles Chargers revealed their uniforms on April 21st.  These are the best new uniforms this year because of those sky blue uniforms go with everything and how the color rush uniforms look good together. They came out with a video of how they designed these uniforms as stated “Taking inspiration from the subtle curvature of the bolt, we analyzed the ratios underpinning the logo in an effort to craft…,” They give a nod to their roots as well with having numbers on the side of their helmets. Als how they have the Lightning Bolt on the side very well done by the Chargers.

Grunder’s Grade: A+If you would like to buy one Buy Chargers Jersey

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