Good News, Wolves!

At Least 48 Species Have Been Saved From Extinction

Caring Conservation Programs Have Prevented At Least 48 Animal Extinctions, Says Study

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Since 1993, 48 species of mammals and birds that were predicted to go extinct within the coming years have been saved by conservation efforts. According to researchers’ models, efforts from the governments, non-profit organizations, and others prevented the extinctions from reaching 300-400% higher.

    One of the animals that have been saved include the Przewalski’s horse of Mongolia, which was once extinct in the wild, but now has a substantial population of 760 roaming in the wild. Another is the Iberian Lynx, which has been getting reintroduced to the wilds of Spain.

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Endangered lynx

According to the researchers from Newcastle, between 1993-2020, extinction rates would have reached around 3.1-4.2 times higher for bird species and 2.4 – 4.2 times higher for mammals. That would have meant about 32 birds could have gone extinct, while 16 mammal species could have gone extinct.

American Troop Decreasing in Iraq

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Recently the U.S. Government has announced that they are planning on reducing their troops in Iraq by nearly half. General Frank McKenzie announced that the number of men will go from 5,200 to 3,000. After President Trump met with the Iraqi to make this decision final. The U.S. will still have influence in Iraq, with the advising and assisting against the diminished ISIS territory group.

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There will still be a large number of troops in the Middle East. Mainly dominating in Afghanistan and Iran. However, there is talking of reducing the troops in Afghanistan from 8,600 to nearly half at 4,500 troops. There will still be a very large amount of troops, but this reduction may be a glimpse of hope. This may be a leading end to the violence against the Middle East and many other countries. It would allow the country to heal more and give them the opportunity to try to heal themselves. The U.S. has given them the stepping stones to heal, they may be strong enough now to handle it on their own.

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