Good News, Wolves!

The High School Coach With No Limbs

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Rob Mernendez

This is Rob Mernendez he is a Bay Area High School football coach. Rob Mendez was born with a rare disorder called tetra-amelia syndrome, leaving him with no arms or legs. 31 years later, he’s changing the football community with his coaching ability as the JV coach of Prospect High School in Saratoga, Calif. and inspiring the world with his story. He was honored at the 2019 ESPYS as the Jimmy V perseverance award. What he is doing is showing that anyone can do whatever they want to do even when life gives you challenges.

The Red Bandanna

The Man In The Red Bandana: Watch ESPN’s incredible feature on 9/11 hero Welles Crowther

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The red bandanna at the 9/11 memorial

A rookie equities trader from Upper Nyack, N.Y., who died in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, became known as the Man in the Red Bandana, for the handkerchief he wore as a protective mask while assuming a rescuer’s role in the South Tower before it collapsedThe man in the Red Bandana is the guy who went into the Twin Towers to save people on September 11th, 2001. Welles Crowther was a Lacrosse player at Boston College Universities who led people to safety. They ended up making a movie about Welles Crowther called The Man in The Red Bandana. 

Redwood Trees Survive Forest Fires

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Several 2,000 year old redwood trees survived a wildfire that broke out a month ago on August 20, 2020 in California’s oldest state park. Most of the trees at Big Basin Redwoods State Park survived. Redwood trees are meant to burn hence the name Redwood. The redwood state park has seen several fires over the last few decades. The fires swept through the park almost 45 miles away from San Francisco. The redwood trees that don’t fall over when lightning comes in a heavy storm can regrow and re-sprout. The trees that fall due to heavy storms become the host for the new redwood trees to grow. New trunks sprout where old ones have been. Banana slugs and insects thrive on these trees to survive and live either inside hollow openings or outside on the redwoods’ massive trunk. 

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The Big Basin Redwoods State Park has been open since 1902 and sees 250,000 visitors a year. Many of the redwood trees are anywhere from 100-2,000 years old. The “Mother of the Forest” as the oldest tree is called, also survived this fiery blaze. The Big Basin State Park is still actively recovering from the fires and is making good progress.

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