Good News, Wolves!

Restaurants Have Been Sharing Recipes to Try at Home

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A Mcmuffin from McDonald

Another positive from 2020 is that several restaurants have shared their recipes so we can now try them at home. Along with these shared recipes, McDonald’s has donated over 10,000 free meals after the devastating effects of Hurricane Laura. Known by the people of Cameron, Louisiana, the McRig, a McDonald’s restaurant on wheels, served over 10,000 people free meals because the owner was inspired by Roy Croc who also believed in helping out the community any way he could. The Lake Charles area in Louisiana was hit hardest by Hurricane Laura. Hurricane Laura was the strongest storm to hit Louisiana since 1856. Because of this, 90% of Louisiana residents are without electricity and running water. According to the McDonald’s owner, Rikesh Patel, pictures don’t do the damage justice. Patel claims the damage is so much worse than we see on the media. The owner has no doubt that the Lake Charles area will recover. According to Patel, “It’s only a matter of time”. 

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Restaurants like McDonald’s and Disney have been sharing their recipes since the pandemic has started. Because of businesses shutting down, restaurants aren’t able to offer dine in services because of social distancing guidelines. This has made millions of people miss their favorite treats. The sharing of McDonald’s McMuffin and Disney’s Beignets has made the corona virus pandemic a little more tolerable. We can enjoy these recipes from the comfort of our homes without even having to worry about leaving the house. 

We all have had it rough in 2020. It’s always good to have a little bit of positivity in life. We’re hoping we have at least put a grin on your face. Everything will be okay, this madness will pass. Be happy and enjoy what what’s around you, try seeing the silver lining. Have a nice day!

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