R.B.G.’s Final Wish

Many feel the vote and nomination should wait for the next President. This is because when Supreme Court Justice Antonio Scalia passed, it was also an election year. Much like RBG. McConnell did not allow President Barack Obama to fill the seat, because it was an election year. The seat was not filled until President Trump was placed into office. He chose to appoint Neil Gorsuch, after president Obama nominated Merrill Garlands.

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Both President Trump and Vice President Biden have given their condolences for RBG, both expressing how much of an amazing woman she was. Now there are no women left on the Supreme Court, however President Trump plans to nominate Amy Coney Barrett. She would be the first woman with school aged children to serve on the court. However, she is said to think the exact opposite as RBG, and many are worried she will reverse the work she has done.

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Amy Coney Barret

The fate of the court seat is still being determined. Either way it goes, whether they allow President Trump to fill it (which he says he will do no matter what they say in the first presidential debate for 2020), or wait until after the election, there is going to be a side that is very angry. It does seem unfair to allow President Trump fill the seat when just four years ago President Obama wasn’t allowed to. That was also much farther away from the election than we are now. After her seat was a top is in the debate, many are wondering what RBG would have said about it, and many are sure that she isn’t too happy.



New York Times

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