How Has COVID-19 Has Effected west clermont high scholl

Here at West Clermont High School, the staff and administration have taken the COVID-19 outbreak seriously. Back in March, the high school even closed down for the remainder of the school year to keep their students and staff safe. With the start of the new school year, many rules and precautions have been put in place to make sure everyone is safe. One of the biggest rules that has been put in place, is that of wearing a mask. Masks prevent the spread of the virus and have been made mandatory for everyone inside the building to wear. Students and staff are to wear their masks from the moment they enter the school, to the time they leave. There are however, a couple of exceptions that come with this new rule. Students and staff are able to remove their masks periodically while eating in the cafeteria and students with a gym class can remove their mask for the 50 minutes of physical exercise.

West Clermont High School

The other main precaution the school has instituted to make West Clermont High School a safer place, is releasing students at different times. Here at West Clermont High School, there are well over 1500 students and staff on campus every day. This caused a problem for maintaining social distancing inside the building. However, the school has decided to do separate releases for different age groups. The first students that are released after class is over, are sophomores and juniors. Five minutes after those students are released, the freshman and seniors follow. Those orders are flipped back and forth after every bell. The school also implemented new ways to walk in the hallways. There are decals all over the school, showing students which way they are supposed to be walking. There are also certain stairways they are only for going up or going down. This is to help the flow of traffic in the hallways between classes. With this new system, there are far less students walking near each other between bells, therefore maintaining social distance during the school day.

Another big change that West Clermont High School has made since the COVID-19 outbreak was their scheduling. Since the start of West Clermont High School, every grade has had the same 7 bells. Unless you graduated early, you had to come for the full day for you’re senior year. But this year, a lot has changed. This year, the school has implemented the “flex schedule.” This is a way for seniors to get an easier year, while also decreasing the number of students inside the school at the same time. This year, seniors got to pick only the classes they need to graduate. This was a win-win for both the school and the students. On one hand, the school had a way to limit the number of people in the school and the seniors got to come for half days.

Students also had the choice of going through with online school. Students who chose to follow through with online school have just as much work as students who go to campus. Students at home have to join online Zoom calls and meet with their teachers daily to get their work. Teachers have worked hard to make sure online schooling works with students. They have created new systems and ways of giving work to make it easier for students to access. This is a great way of staying safe and still getting ready to make their way through high school.

These are just some of the changes West Clermont High School has made for this new school year surrounding COVID-19. The school’s staff have done everything they can to make the school safe for students returning this year. If you are still worried about your child’s safety at West Clermont High School, you can visit the West Clermont High School website to answer more of your questions.

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