Top 5 Scariest Places to Visit in the U.S.

3. Eastern State Penitentiary

An abandoned room in the building

Just the look of this place will send chills down your spine. The ESP is an old prison in Pennsylvania; the prison ended up closing due to the confinement system collapsing due to overcrowding. It is now home to the haunted attraction, “Terror Behind the Walls”, this is also where Youtuber “Glam and Gore” started her career.

Inside the prison

Visitors and actors of the attraction have claimed to have seen a lot of paranormal activity. Visitors have seen ghosts of prisoners mocking actresses dressed as prisoners. Guards that do not match the attraction’s costumes have also been spotted. The fear of the ghost seems to be greater in this place due to them being one, criminals and two, left to die. This place really just has a whole lot of “Nope” written all over it. 

2. The Queen Mary

RMS Queen Mary

The Queen Mary is the most haunted ship and arguably most haunted place of all time. It was built to be bigger than the titanic. It was actually used in Doomsday during World War Two. It is now permanently docked in California. The ship is being used as a hotel and is greatly known, however the ship is so large it seems eerily empty. 

Inside the ship

The ship has some of the largest amount of paranormal activity in the world. Every room on the ship has something different that is weird about it. However, the boiler room is said to be the strangest. It is haunted by “Half Hatched Harry”, who was a crew member that was crushed by door #13. Many other ghosts have been reported to be seen in the room. Visitors have reported falling objects, sudden changes in temperature, disappearing people, and even hair being yanked in their sleep. A very large number of people have died on this ship, either falling off of it, or being involved in the large number of murders that have occurred aboard. 

1. McKamey Manor

An actor interacting with a visitor

Yes, the top scariest place in the U.S. isn’t even necessarily haunted. McKamey Manor is the scariest horror attraction of all time. The attraction is sick and twisted. It lasts over eight hours and there is a large amount of money that will be given to the first person that finishes it. Yes, no one has ever gotten fully through this haunted attraction. The actors can do whatever they feel to you, you can not resist either. There is an entire show about this haunted house. 

Visitor being shoved in a cooler filed with water

To go to the attraction, there is a 40 page waiver that you must sign, it takes hours to complete. You also need a check by a therapist to make sure you are mentality stable enough to go. Visitors have been waterboarded, had their toenails ripped off, shoved and punched, and so many more torturous things. You will be given a safe word when going in, supposedly when the safe word is said everything will stop. However, some have reported the actors not stopping until multiple times of saying the word. Many visitors and actors have developed mental issues due to being involved with this attraction. 

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