Jordan vs lebron debate

Lebron has made 17 shoes where as Michael Jordan in total of 35 between his time with Nike and his own brand of Jordan. Lebron signed a lifelong contract with NIKE where he will make 1 Billion Dollars. Originally Jordan did not want to be sponsored by NIKE because back then Converse was the biggest brand of basketball shoes. Jordan had to go to a sponsorship with NIKE because his mother made him go to that meeting. Jordan made his own brand in 1984 where he called it Air Jordan. 31 Years ago the NBA banned the Air Jordan 1 because in their dress code it states “A player must wear shoes that not only matched their uniforms, but matched the shoes worn by their teammates.” and everytime that Jordan wore that shoe he would be fined $5,000. This rule has been changed where players could market their own brand or any other purchased brand. Today players are expressing what they want and can market their own brand. Michael Jordan has made $100 million more dollars than Lebron in the shoe business. If you were to choose between the two Jordan would have the advantage because of people that grew up watching Jordan.

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The question that often gets asked in the basketball world is who is the Greatest of all time Michael Jordan or Lebron James. Lebron James accolades include 16x All star, 2007-2008 scoring champion, 4x NBA Champion, 16x All NBA, 6x Defensive team, 2003-2004 All Rookie Team, 3x All Star MVP, 4x Finals MVP, 2003 Rookie of the year and 4x MVP in his professional career. Michael Jordan accolades include 14x All Star, 10x scoring champion, 6x NBA Champion, 11x All NBA, 9x Defensive Team, 184-85 All Rookie Team, 3x All Star MVP, 1987-88 Defensive Player of the year, 6x Finals MVP,  5x MVP and 1984-85 Rookie of the year. Jordan played on the 1992 Dream Team which is composed of NBA Hall of Famers and has also played against the mighty Detroit Pistons who were the toughest team in the league at the time because of their defense. Lebron defeated the 73-9 Golden State Warriors in the 2016 NBA Finals in 7 games. Lebron has also won back to back championships with the Miami Heat in the big 3 between Him, Wade and Bosh. In my personal opinion Michael Jordan is the Greatest Basketball Player of all time. Even though Lebron has the accolades Jordan changed an entire organization and has faced better competition than Lebron has.

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