The 2020 Presidential Election

While the election has been close, Joe Biden currently has the upper hand, only needing six more electoral points, which could be taken from any of the remaining battleground states. Right now, Biden holds control of a tight race in Nevada, which if won, would give Biden the victory with a perfect 270 points. Joe Biden is also gaining in Georgia, which would surely give him victory.

However, due to how close the races are, it is possible for current President Donald Trump to sweep all the remaining states with a comeback victory from behind. The only state that Donald Trump doesn’t vitally need is Alaska, but in order to win the election, he would need to hold his lead in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina, while also taking Nevada.

Current Election Map ~~

Despite the likely outcome of Joe Biden winning the election, there are still many mailed votes to be counted, as well as a probable recount of the votes as an effort of Donald Trump to stay in office. It’s possible that we may not have an official winner until December.

With some interesting stats, Ohio, which is usually split nearly evenly, voted heavily for Trump, even having a higher Republican majority than Texas, which is known as a Republican stronghold. In the likely events that Trump doesn’t win the election, it will be the first time since 1960 that Ohio votes the losing candidate for the presidency. While now voting Republican, early in the election both Texas and Florida were blue states. A trend that can easily be noticed is that large cities tend to vote Democrat, despite the state, and many other counties tend to vote Republican.

During the election, Trump falsely declared that he was victorious in gaining another term, which was a misleading false claim that was flagged on Facebook and Twitter. Both candidates have been giving speeches, with Donald Trump declaring voter fraud and Joe Biden claiming that he is confident in the race.

Trump’s flagged election post ~~

Not only is the presidential election close, but the House and Senate elections are closing the gap between Democratic and Republican seats. The Democrats are gaining seats in the Senate, closing the Republican majority gap, while Republicans are gaining seats in the House of Representatives, which will hopefully lead to more compromise in our Congress. Due to the divide in Congress recently, there has been a lot of gridlock and difficulty passing legislation.

Finally, we have the ballot measures, which are laws that people vote on to pass in their states. Some states, including Ohio, didn’t have any ballot measures, while other states had many. Some highlights from these measures is the legalization of marijuana and medical marijuana in multiple states, which potentially proves that the use of marijuana in states such as Colorado aren’t having a negative effect.

A few states passed laws that gave benefits to veterans, such as cheaper car insurance and cheaper housing. Louisiana passed a controversial law that strips away women’s rights to abortion. It’s possible we could see a reflection of what’s happening in Poland with women rioting due to their abortion rights being stripped. Finally, a few states also passed an interesting law that takes the taxing of tobacco products and gives the money to education and healthcare.

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