Black Friday

Black Friday VS. Cyber Monday

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Cyber Monday and Black Friday go hand in hand when it comes down to the Thanksgiving season.  Black Friday takes place the Friday after Thanksgiving, while Cyber Monday takes place that next Monday.  Both of these days have been around for a while now, and they are actually very popular.  Black Friday and Cyber Monday are when stores have big sales, large amounts of clearance items and sometimes just free stuff to be honest.  During this time of the year many families are shopping for Christmas, since it is the next major holidays after Thanksgiving.  This is the time that many people are trying to get out and get gifts for loved ones or friends, but when you go out on Black Friday, it can be very dangerous due to large crowds and some people being crazy.  Although with COVID-19 this year there will be fewer crowds but more lines outside most likely.  

Black Friday is usually one of the biggest days of the year for in person stores, while this year most shopping will probably be done online rather than in person due to the Coronavirus.  Which means that Cyber Monday could be the biggest day for online stores and retail stores to sell online.  One issue with Cyber Monday, especially this year could be websites.  Websites this year could crash due to the amount of people on the website which can and most likely cause an uproar amongst those who were shopping on the website.  

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The stats of Cyber Monday and Black Friday side by side

For Black Friday many people plan out how they will go about their day rather than, just shop. They will plan how or when they’ll get to a certain place and where they are going at what time.  Many stores also do deals on certain products for specific times only.  Black Friday is how many small businesses can get most of their profit, due to the amount of people out trying to get good deals on items.  Sometimes people don’t even shop for others while during Black Friday, many shop for themselves.  When going out on Black Friday it is essential to make sure you are being safe, responsible and respectful.  Although it might be hard to be nice to that person who just stole that $200 really nice TV from you, just do it anyway because it’s the right thing to do.

Black Friday is defiantly a crazy day for everyone. However, it will be very different this year and could become dangerous. It is still being talked about if it will be allowed or not. We ask you to please stay safe while you are getting your deal on.

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