Ranking Every MCU Movie

#23 – Thor: Dark World

In every race, someone’s always gotta get last place. Though none of the MCU movies are bad, there are a few that definitely aren’t amazing. I believe that just about everyone can agree that Dark World is the worst in the whole series. It wasn’t horrible, but the boring story directed by someone without much experience in the line of superhero movies made it feel dull. The few deaths feel underwhelming. The villain is uninteresting. It’s just really hard to care when the story is both uninteresting and confusing, with a lack of humor and a dark tone from the Norse god of thunder. Tom Hiddleston saves this movie with his amazing acting as Loki.


#22 – Ant-Man and the Wasp

Ant-Man and the Wasp is definitely a huge step in quality from Thor: Dark World. The story is interesting enough, but it’s just the placement of the movie in the series. The movie felt like a filler after Avengers: Infinity War. Of course it was interesting to see what Scott was up to while he was on parole and the Avengers were busy fighting Thanos and his army, but everything that happened seemed pointless until the very end. The movie is great, but feels off after the devastating end of Infinity War with the constant humor.


#21 – Thor

Yep, that’s right. Two of the three Thor movies are at not just the bottom, but the bottom three. The first couple of Thor movies just struggled to find their place, with boring plots, super boring villains, confusing stories, and just a feeling that the movies are… well, lame. The old English talk of dudes dressed up in armor is just not cool to watch. The character of Thor wasn’t really well written until the first Avengers movie, as his tone is just too serious and unbelievably dull in the first two Thor movies.


#20 – Iron Man 3

Phase 2 of the MCU felt really weak in my opinion, with a grungier approach to the series. That tone was there for Iron Man 3, although it was lightened just a bit. Iron Man 3 explores Tony Stark after his terrifying near-death experience in Avengers. It explores his obsession with creating suits, his relationship with Pepper, and his PTSD from the final showdown of Phase 1. Tony’s character build-up is great, but the villains are underwhelming, with a fake Mandarin and a weak role from Aldrich Killian who basically just gives Pepper superpowers. At the end, we see Tony seemingly put down his mantle as Iron Man, even though he reappears just a few movies later as Iron Man.


#19 – The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk was a good movie, but it was so awkward with how Hulk fits in the MCU. Paramount owns the rights to Hulk, so Marvel hasn’t bee able to make another standalone Hulk movie. Also, Hulk was played by Edward Norton instead of the Mark Ruffalo we all love as Bruce Banner. The movie was great, with amazing action scenes, but there were also some cheesy romance scenes that felt artificial. The Incredible Hulk played a very small role in the MCU, but everyone loves that jolly green giant.


#18 – Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel tends to fall short in the same way that Ant-Man and the Wasp does. Although it does play an important role, Captain Marvel is another movie that fills like filler between the cliffhanger of Infinity War and Endgame. It’s cool to see the origin of Nick Fury and Agent Coulson, but overall, the story is just meh. In my opinion, Brie Larson isn’t the best actress to be Captain Marvel, as she’s a little cheesy as well as arrogant, going as far as to falsely claim herself as the Marvel figurehead after the cinematic death of Tony Stark. The villain reminds me of Ego as well, as it’s not just a person, but an entire entity.

#17 – Avengers: Age of Ultron

Oh, man, this movie is just so good and so bad at the same time. Although it’s filled with plot holes, it also makes up spectacular events that shape Phase 3. All of the characters seemed to have abandoned their beliefs and character development from they’d been building up for the sake of fighting Ultron. For example, Tony Stark continues his obsession with building a suit of armor fir the world. Thor just ignores the presumed death of his brother. Worst of all, despite SHIELD being destroyed after the events of Winter Soldier, SHIELD appears to rescue the Sokovians during the final fight. Despite all this, we get two of some of the strongest heroes in the MCU with Vision and Scarlet Witch and the post-Ultron fight leads to the Civil War events.


#16 – Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange had so much potential, but sadly underperformed. It had an amazing cast led by Benedict Cumberbatch and was the first movie in Phase 3 to start introducing more heroes and expanding the universe to more depth. Doctor Strange wasn’t just a normal hero, but a hero that defended earth of supernatural entities that resided within a separate realm. The movie was great, but it could’ve been much better.


#15 – Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2 was good, but unnecessary. Out of the first 6 movies, Iron man took up two of those slots. Despite that, this movie battled with Tony’s relationship with himself and the government on whether he was reliable or too dangerous. Because he was dying from the bullet in his chest being held by his miniature arc reactor, he became a bit of a loose cannon knowing his death was approaching. Of course, near the end he survives,, creating a more efficient arc reactor. We also are first introduced to Black Widow in this movie, as well as Don Cheadle, the actor replacing the old one as Colonel Rhoades as he bears the title of War Machine. Stark and Rhoades fight at first, but when Tony matures, the two fight together in an epic battle scene during an onslaught of hacked robot army men.


#14 – Spider-Man: Far From Home

Far From Home is currently the latest installment in the MCU, putting a cap on the Infinity Saga with a pretty good ending. Far From Home explores the post-Endgame events with Peter taking up the mantle that Tony left him. The story is a bit emotional, as Peter battles with himself on whether or not he’s worthy to be Iron Man’s successor. He ultimately gives in to Mysterio, a fake hero that manipulates Peter and the world. Peter ultimately unlocks his Spider-Sense when he finally takes down Mysterio, but is framed as a villain when Beck accidentally kills himself in a powerful scene where he attempts to murder Peter. In the end credits, we see J. Jonah Jameson, a popular character in the comics that hates Spider-Man expose his identity and that’s the end of the film, putting a close on the Infinity Saga and setting the stage for the next wave of films revolving around the aftermath of Endgame. Although this movie was an amazing close, it was just not as good as the others in the list.


#13 – Ant-Man

Our first time seeing Ant-Man is much better than the sequel, with the humor landing perfectly and a cool origin story that sees Scott Lang turn from a life of crime to becoming a hilarious hero that can stand with the likes of Falcon and the other Avengers. The movie doesn’t serve much purpose besides introducing the Ant-Man group to the MCU.


#12 – The Avengers

When the Avengers movie released,people began to realize that the movies coming out were part of a greater scheme. They weren’t just tales of origin stories of random characters, but an intertwined story of all the heroes coming together to fight against forces of evil. Loki comes to New York in an attempt to conquer the world so Thanos can take the Infinity Stones, even though we have no clue what those are until way later. All of the characters blend so will together, with a rivalry between Captain America and Stark that plays a large role in Civil War. We also get a much better-written version of Thor and we’re introduced to Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk.


#11 – Captain America: The First Avenger

The first Captain America movie is the first movie in the timeline set during World War 2. We get introduced to Steve Rodgers in what seems like a classic World War 2 story, but it quickly turns south as Steve is given the Super Soldier serum that gives him super-human strength. He develops a personal rivalry with Red Skull, and loses his best friend when attacking a supply train. At the end, he crashes a plane into the Arctic Ocean to save America. The whole movie is amazing and patriotic and serves as the perfect origin story for the Steve Rodgers we all know and love today.


#10 – Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2

Here we are, the top 10. These movies are Marvel’s best of the best, and while I recommend watching all the MCU movies, these ten are the cream of the crop. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 continues striding with our spaces heroes’ adventures of mischievous good, charming us with their hilarious bickering and awkward personalities. Although it’s good, Guardians 2 doesn’t seem to capture the same greatness as the first, although it may have the greatest intro I’ve ever seen. The cuteness of baby Groot spawned a couple other baby interpretations from other popular series, such as Star Wars with baby Yoda.


#9 – Iron Man

Iron Man introduced us to the very MCU as we know it, being the very first movie in the sage released all the way back in 2008. What a long way we’ve come. This movie has a great soundtrack, and strong character development. Tony goes from a nearly war-mongering vain billionaire to a caring and worrying relatable person that wants peace for the world. His partner tries to get Tony killed, but he escapes and learns that he had been betrayed by his own partner, Obadiah Stane. Stane wants Stark’s legacy and technology to himself, but Tony stops him and decides to never let his tech get into the wrong hands. This movie is a great intro to the saga, making Robert Downey Jr. the figurehead of the MCU.


#8 – Spider-Man: Homecoming

The introduction of Spider-Man into the MCU was huge. No one expected the web-slinger to make an appearance, as his production rights are owned by Sony. However, he made it, and Marvel’s arguably most popular hero left quite a mark with Tom Holland as arguably the best Spider-Man actor we’ve ever seen. The movie is fun and enjoyable, not only playing a large role with Peter Parker’s, but giving us a humorous experience as well. The movie is full of energy, as Peter tries to prove himself to Tony by fighting off the Vulture. Homecoming was the best way to introduce Spidey.


#7 – Captain America: Winter Soldier

Winter Soldier was amazing, as all of the Russo Brothers movies are. We get an awesome intro that explores the relationship with Captain America and Black Widow. After Nick Fury fakes his death after being shot by Winter Soldier (who turns out to be Bucky, Cap’s best friend that fell from the train.) Steve escapes after SHIELD tries to kill him, and bands together his team of Black Widow and Sam Wilson, a.k.a. Falcon. Together, they uncover the secret that Hydra is still lurking within SHIELD, expose them, destroy SHIELD, and at the very end, Bucky rescues Steve despite being brainwashed by Hydra. The way the movie builds up with its mystery type of tone is just fun to watch.


#6 – Avengers: Infinity War

Infinity War is so good, and barely misses the top 5. It’s an emotional roller coaster from the very beginning, with Loki being murdered and Thanos beating the snot out of Hulk. Throughout the whole film, the Avengers and company continuously try and fail to stop Thanos and his evil crew from obtaining the Infinity Stones, with an epic battle that takes place at the very end. We finally get to witness the epic team-up of the Guardians and the Avengers, and at the end, when Thanos snaps his fingers despite receiving an axe to the chest from the strongest Avenger, half of our heroes, as well as the entire universe, are dusted away. We witness some of our favorite heroes emotionally fall and are left on a cliffhanger as Thanos wins. It’s an extremely powerful scene that leaves most viewers in awe.


#5 – Black Panther

Black Panther made history, as it was the first Marvel movie to star a nearly all-black cast. The movie is beautiful, as it’s mostly set in Africa, and introduces us to T’Challa (played by the now deceased Chadwick Boseman), or Black Panther shortly after the events of Civil War when his father, the former king of Wakanda died. The energetic music and the colorful setting all add to the greatness of the movie. We follow T’Challa taking the responsibility and power of the Black Panther as he breaks his society’s norms by revealing to the world the true identity of Wakanda. The movie is a masterpiece.


#4 – Captain America: Civil War

After the events of Age of Ultron, despite the Avengers ultimately saving the day, their actions led to the deaths of many Sokovians. The government wants to gain control of the Avengers, but Steve believes that the Avengers should have the freedom to act on their own. Tony believes the opposite, and agrees due to the guilt he feels from creating Ultron. The two enter a “Civil War” between heroes, with each side recruiting other heroes. Tony learns that Bucky killed his parents, even though he was being mind-controlled. The whole movie is melancholy but super interesting, as it’s crazy to see our heroes fight one another.


#3 – Avengers: Endgame

What? Did he just put Endgame at #3? Shouldn’t it be #1? Yes, I did. And no, it shouldn’t Endgame is amazing, there’s no doubt, but it’s not the best. Just because it made the most money in the box office in history doesn’t make it the best, it just happened to garner the most hype. This movie is great however, with an overall good ending and a wild perspective at the beginning when we see what’s left of our heroes in defeat. We’d never seen the good guys lose, because if they lose, there’s dire consequences. But, that’s what we saw. The world was grey, there was loss and sadness everywhere. While there is plenty of action, for a while we got to see the human side of Earth’s mightiest defenders. They lost. With key roles being played by each character, they manage to strike a comeback and win, bringing all our heroes back, but we lost a few on the way, most notably our universe’s Gamor, Black Widow, and of course, Iron Man. This movie truly is an epic finale, with the final showdown between Cap, Iron Man, and Thor being spectacular. We even got some awesome sci-fi time travel. This movie is great, and the finale, while being sad, is also a great ending for our heroes.


#2 – Guardians of the Galaxy

The very first Guardians of the Galaxy movie was unlike anything we’ve ever seen. If I could compare it to anything, it’d be like Ant-Man meets Star Wars. It’s so good. Guardians has a lot of charm, with the weird lovable characters making the most odd ragtag group of space bounty hunters the universe has ever seen. Every character lives a life of crime with different motives, but they team up and end up becoming a family. The sound-track is the greatest out of all the movies, with lots of funky oldies, and the final team-up after an epic dance battle to defeat Ronin is hilarious but oddly touching. This movie is one of the greatest ever, but falls short to my all-time favorite movie that just so happens to be on this list.


#1 – Thor: Ragnarok

Of course, it’s Thor: Ragnarok! This movie is just an absolute masterpiece. It’s magnificent. Marvel Studio’s Mona Lisa. It’s so good. Ragnarok completely reinvents Thor after an awkward first two movies that were fairly poor. When I first watched this, I was completely blown away because I had very low expectations. Ragnarok takes everything that was amazing in Guardians of the Galaxy and extends off of it with an even better story. Thor is powerful and serious as he explores himself and what it really means to be the god of thunder. He’s also funny and boisterous, with an amazing cast behind him. We rediscover Bruce Banner in space, Loki becomes a hero in a sort of way, and Thor fights his evil sister that’s more powerful than Odin. (she also destroyed his hammer single-handed… literally) Thor Ragnarok is just the absolute standard for not just Marvel movies, but superhero movies in general.


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