Cyberpunk 2077: Over-hyped Failure or Legendary RPG?

(Night City, Cyberpunk 2077)

Cyberpunk, set in Night City, was set to release in January of 2020. That quickly turned to April, then September, and then November, with a December touch at the end. The game has already been through multiple delays, and fans wanted it as soon as possible. Once the game was released, many complemented its stunning visuals and great story, but the love quickly turned to hate as the game was glitching a lot for players. Windows Central listed some of the known bugs and glitches, but that barely scratches the surface. Some of the more well-known glitches include T-pose characters, many AI issues, and enemies’ seeing/going through walls. Overall, these glitches put quite a burden on players, and for some, especially on consoles, it made it unplayable. CD Projekt RED has since released an announcement about ‘large’ patches coming in January and February to fix the “most prominent problems,” though only time will tell.

(T-pose bug, image from Too Much Gaming)

However, most players are not complaining because of a few launch bugs, instead the game’s lack of optimization and unplayable state. Most notably, on console versions of the game, especially last-gen, the game is so un-optimized that it is sometimes impossible to run the game. Higher-end PCs can run the game on high settings without dropping major frames, but most players do not own four-digit computers. Reddit user u/labarge88 reports that he can hardly maintain 60 frames (a bit low for modern PCs) with a decent setup. Only players with top-of-the-line systems can play at max settings at its current state, and even that is stretching it.

The story, however, is fantastic. According to the review megathread on Reddit, most reviews gave the game at least a 9/10 (or 4/5). Gamespot’s review details that the game has exciting side quests, and there is a lot of flexibility in the game’s actual RPG aspects. And let us not forget the legend Keanu Reeves’ appearance. However, while the general story and side quests might be great, according to GameSpot, the world is “superfluous” because “There’s so much to do that isn’t meaningful.” GamesRadar puts that the main story is only about 15-20 hours long if you ignore all extra side quests Night City offers. However, PCGamesN states that completing said side quests along the way could easily “double, and then some.” 

(Keanu Reeves in-game, image from USGamer)

In conclusion, the game is great- with a good story and much to offer, but the map is superficial and, in its current state, one of the buggiest, glitchy games in existence. With the initial trailer being released over eight years prior to release, many fans had their hopes high, but it came crashing down, as the game was not released “when it’s ready.”

(Featured Image from Cyberpunk’s Steam page, Source 1Source 2Source 3Source 4Source 5Source 6Source 7Source 8)

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