Stupid Laws in Ohio

Featured image from: WKBN. For other image cites, click the image.

The United States has very many strange laws on it’s own. However, it’s when we dive into individual state’s laws that it gets even weirder. Ohio is Wolves Weekly’s home state, so why not show some of Ohio’s strangest and most useless laws. Many of these seem completely mind boggling, while others are just pointless. 

The Whale Law:

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In Ohio there is a law against fishing for whales. However, it is only not allowed on Sunday. I’ll let you take a minute to let that sink in. Yes, there is a law against fishing for whales in Ohio! A couple questions arise with this law: What whales even live in Ohio? Who “fishes” for whales? And why is it only on Sundays? I supposed they may have put this law in place to prepare for when whales do come to Ohio, just to bunker down on all the whale haters in advance. Sunday must just be a popular day for whale fishing. It may also be to prevent people from using a fishing rod to catch whales, because that would end up bad.

In it To Win it:

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It is illegal to both install and use a slot machine in an outhouse. You are prohibited to use the bathroom and win some cash at the same time. Lawmakers must not be a fan of killing two birds with one stone. Double up on the big berthas! I can not even begin to imagine what incident happened to make this a law. Does using the bathroom affect your spin’s chances? I’m willing to bet a lot of people were very disappointed when this law was put into place, so much for that pooping casino.

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