Stupid Laws in Ohio

We Just Want to Be Kids Again:

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In Canton Ohio it is a misdemeanor to play any sort of game at a public park without the permission of the superintendent. I wonder how many children have been charged with misdemeanors due to this law. Why? Just Why?! This includes any sports games or children’s games. Your next game of tag could lead you to having a massive burn on your record. Imagine having to explain to an employer how you got a misdemeanor, “Oh, I forgot to ask a park superintendent if I could play tag and they didn’t like it “.

Pesky Flies:

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It’s against the law to kill a housefly within 160 feet of a church without a license. All hale the holy house fly! I want to know exactly what license you need for this. A fly killer license? Does the church really care if you kill a fly? And who would know? I wonder what the reasoning for this law was. Maybe they just don’t want the spirit of the fly to haunt the church. This really doesn’t make any sense. What could have possibly happened to make this a law?

Basically Ohio really has its priorities straight. It is incredibly important to protect our native whale population and prevent flies from being killed when they’re just trying to go to work. It is really great we are bunkering down on those pesky kids playing tag and the slot machine poopers. I hope you got a kick out of this article, now that you know these laws you are 1% less likely to get arrested.

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