The José Fernández Story

José Fernández was a baseball pitcher for the Miami Marlins. Fernández has one of the most spectacular baseball stories from escaping Cuba to having one of the most promising baseball careers of a modern player ever. Here is the story of how Fernández came up from the bottom, escaped Cuba four times, became one of the most promising pitchers ever, and abruptly ended his controversial career. 


Ah, ham. The magnum opus of protein, a vegan’s worst nightmare, arguably man’s greatest creation. The greatest meat of all time, be it deli lunch meat or that juicy mass that you pick up from the grocery to feed the family for Christmas. So simple, yet such a powerful flavor. There simply isn’t anything as great. Ham. Is. Perfect. Read on to learn how to find a good ham, how to make a perfect ham, and which type of ham is the best. Also, see how ham stacks against other deli and lunch meats (spoiler: the ham is better than all of them… obviously).

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