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Exotic Animal Selfie Outbreak

Over the last year, tourists and travelers from all over have been heading to South America and South East Asia to take these wild animal selfies. This epidemic has risen over 230% since 2014. And people are going nuts over it. From koala bears to elephants to giraffes they are all apart of the selfie outbreak. This has helped raise and gain money in the communities near by the wildlife. But many critics believe Continue reading Exotic Animal Selfie Outbreak

Stephen Hawking Last Book

Stephen Hawkings last book “Brief Answers to the Big Question” was recently published on Tuesday October 16th. He began by writing a series of 10 essays focusing on the biggest unanswered question that mankind asks; “Is there a God?” Hawking claimed that he thinks “-the universe was spontaneously created out of nothing, according to the laws of science.” He argues that if you accept, like he does that the laws of nature are fixed then it wont take you very long to Continue reading Stephen Hawking Last Book

Cross Country Fun Run Day

Saturday, West Clermont went against all Saints school in a cross country meet at 8 am. It was an inaugural West Clermont Education Foundation to the future. The race took place on the West Clermont campus and ended inside of the football stadium den. The runners ranged from 6-11 grade and the runs lasted up until 10:30 am. Following right after was the award ceremony at 11 am. Trophies were presented to the schools with the most participants, and metals were given to the top 10 runners in each heat.  Also, every participant got a free t-shirt.

The runners had to run loops through the parking lots and throughout the fields of the school property. We normally end with a giant hill at the end of the run but they have changed the course and have a different ending obstacle.

The number 1 winning school for the girls team was West Liberty-Salem, they scored a 47 and their team time was 1 hour and 40 mins. The number 1 winning boys team was Hil. Davidson with a score of 72 and a time of an 1 hour and 24 minutes. West Clermont girls scored 4th place with a score of 149 and the boys West Clermont team scored 379 and got 13th place in the run.

Maryland Shooting Leaves 3 Dead & 3 Wounded

Thursday, September 20th a drugstore distribution in Harford County was shot up around 9 am; about the same time the workers gathered in the cafeteria to eat. It was thought that the location was secure at the Rite Aid support facilities, where there is roughly 1,000 employees. People were shot from the outside and the shooter made her way to the inside to take more victims of the facility. This center is where produce is received and delivered. The shooting took place near the front of the primary building a.k.a. the Liberty Support Facility which is where the deliveries took place.Image result for maryland shooting 2018 snochia mosley

The incident was said to be caused by a dispute between the shooter and a coworker. Workers claim they were arguing after a town hall meeting had took place, and it quickly escalated. Witnesses also told officials she didn’t have a particular target and that she just ‘shot to shoot.’ Continue reading Maryland Shooting Leaves 3 Dead & 3 Wounded

Mac Miller Unexpectedly Passes

On Friday afternoon, September 7th Mac Miller aka, Malcolm McCormick died at the age of 26. Autopsies have not yet revealed the exact cause of death but resources believe he went into to cardiac arrest after a drug overdose. Due to his many years of drug abuse. Even though it was believed to be drug related there was no substances found in his home to explain the young rappers sudden death. Everyone who he worked with knew about his addiction. Continue reading Mac Miller Unexpectedly Passes

Momo Challenge Causes Two Suicides

The Momo game is a game that has been found to be viral across the countries. But it’s not like any game you’ll see. In Columbia two young children; a 12 year old girl and a 16 year old boy took their lives in less than 48 hours after they both played the game, and law enforcement don’t think its just a coincidence. Resources claim that it was likely the boy and the girl knew each other, and turned one another onto the game before taking their own lives.

After searching both of their phones they found links in there messages to the Momo game. It has been found to be practiced through the texting app “WhatsApp”. It has you add a contact on the texting app which then influences the kids to hurt themselves. It has multiple different challenges throughout the game, and then at the end is suicide. These deaths are the first that this game has been heard about but law enforcement are trying to link the game to multiple others deaths of teens that have recently taken place.  momo-challenge-1533637918 Continue reading Momo Challenge Causes Two Suicides

Flu Shot: Good or Bad

The flu shot is a nation wide shot given during the year. The shot is made up of dead viruses. The viruses themselves cant give you the flu. It is impossible to catch the flu  However, the shot can trigger a response to your immune system. So it can cause flu like effects and symptoms It can cause your muscles to feel very ache and a mild or low like fever. Unlike the shot, the naval flu vaccine has live flu virus. This intake of the flu shot still cannot give you the full blown flu, but its more likely to cause symptoms which can range from achy muscles to a mild fever and is more likely to last longer than the non naval shot. The naval shot is recommended to not be used by women that are pregnant or anyone not between 2-49.Image result for flu shots causing the flu Flu shots have been proven to be mostly harmless. Doctors studied and compared the flu shot to a (salt water) placebo shot, and the only effected difference between the two were that the flu shot area has some redness and sore around the penetration area. The people injected by the flu shot were not more likely to experience sore throat, runny nose, cough, aches or a fever that someone injected with the salt water shot would. Remember that flu viruses change every year so just because you got the shot last year, doesn´t mean you´ll be safe from the flu forever, or even the following year. Also just because you have gotten the flu shot does not mean there is a 100 percent chance you wont get it. But it does reduce the chances of getting the flu up to 90 percent.  You can still catch the virus. Sometimes it even lasts up until May that the flu virus would spread and as early as September. Another myth about the flu shot is that it causes autism due to the Thimerosal in the Image result for flu shots causing the fluvaccine. Studies have shown that the low dose of Thimerosal can not cause it and is harmless. So if you get the flu shot this coming flu season don´t blame the shot. Blame the germs in the air and all around you. Stay aware that you can still get sick and should take all precautions to avoid it. Wash your hands and santatize regularly. This is the best way to avoid the virus. Also make sure everyone else in the house gets there shots in time too!

Boy Killed in Accident on 275

On May 2nd a 4 year old boy was struck and hit by a car on I-275. Dawson Elder’s mothers car had broke down on the side of the bridge in Northern Kentucky. They were hit from behind and the family didn’t see it coming. His mother told press that he was her best friend. “He would tell everybody that ‘My mommy is my best friend.'” She would like her son to be remember as a fighter from day one, he was a miracle baby. He was a fun loving, skinny little blonde that could make anyone laugh.

His mothers tire blew out on 275. she pulled over to the side of the shoulder rim, and couldn’t get any farther over. The mother told police that Dawson was very upset because he had an accident from sitting there for so long. She was on the phone trying to get a hold of the tow truck while he was crying so she let him climb up front to where he could get out on the passenger side and shed hold on to him so he could use the bathroom. She had him in her arms with the passenger door opened. He was using the restroom when before she knew it they were rear ended and her son was ripped from her arms and they hit a wall. That was the last time she saw him.

Police arrived about the same time the father did. There 1 year one was in the backseat in a car seat with no injuries. The mother was rushed to the hospital due to being 6 months pregnant but the baby was okay. Police are seeking witnesses to the crash. Dawson had died on the seen and was loved and will be forever missed and cherished by family and loved once. 

Attorneys are gathering information on the accident for charges to be pressed or not to be. The other vehicle was changing lanes because of stopped traffic and hit the back of the car. The chief said it was one of the most severe scenes hes ever scene and all the deputies were offered counseling after witnessing it. A full and complete investigation is being conducted. to decipher between if this is an accident or a criminal crime. The funeral is being held on Wednesday, May 9th for the boy. The family and friends are very heart broken from this tragic loss.

Oklahoma Fire

In Viki Oklahoma, was hit hard in the fires which scorched nearly 350,000 acres of land. Two people were killed due to the fires and turned miles and miles of farming land blackened. When wildfires strike cattle lands like this, Its very expensive and a long list of needs to keep the lands nurtured and alive. Cows have to go to the vet a long with other farm animals. Barns have to be rebuilt, fences have to be put back up. For the ranchers whose land was destroyed by the fires they received cylinder bales of hay from all corners of rural america. The hay was also free and provided by complete strangers. The most urgent necessity is the surviving cattle need to eat. Last year after a extreme wild fire it left thousands of cattle dead and starving with no crop to eat from. So this year the words spreading a lot faster about the need of hay and the hay delivery kicks into gear. The word spreads around face book and the internet and before you know it everyone is sending hay to these hungry cattle. They came in by the truck loads. 

If the farms don´t receive enough bales, they will most likely have to sell there herds. They might not be able to feed the cows enough to gain weight. But not just are they receiving hay from around the US, they are helping each other out in there town. Farmers from a 100 miles away deliver bales and bales of hay to the grass less farm lands that were destroyed by the fires. Farmers told press how hopeless they feel and they are ready to give up on the herd. But when those men roll in with 64 bales of hay it gives them a little since of relief and hope. Convinces them that they dont have to give up and they have a chance to make the cattle strong again. Image result for oklahoma fire

Signs also are hung around the neighbor hood donating free food, free clothes and free care for the orphaned calves. Hay bales are also just stacked along sides of roads for anyone who might need them to take. Even though help is rolling in, farmers arent very quick to accept the helping hand and are wanting to get thru this on there own. Even when the flames have subsided the damage remains and the country notices the struggle they are going thru and are coming together to help them get thru this.

Exam Stress Relievers

First recognize when you’re feeling stressed. Are you feeling jittery, or clustered? Do you feel like you have to much on your shoulders and one more extended response question away from a mental breakdown? Here are a couple tips to help you relieve your end of the year exam stress. First don’t compare yourself with your peers or classmates. Just because it takes you longer to finish your test or to right your essays, or you just flat out cant right at the level they can doesn’t mean you’re not going to pass. Everyone learns at different levels. Pace yourself while testing and don’t feel the need to work faster just because everyone else around you is finishing quicker than you. Just do your absolute best that’s all that matters, not the kids across from you’s best. Another thing is to make sure you eat right. Brain food is number 1 when it comes too doing great on exams. Make sure you eat a nice easy breakfast and stay hydrated. Not only will it make you more focused it will keep you awake and give you energy during the testing time. Don’t forget to get good sleep during testing week. Being tired and dreary can be the worstImage result for exam stress thing while taking a state test. You have no energy to focus and think about the question if you stayed up till 3 am the night before. Make sure you go to sleep at a reasonable time that way you’re prepared to give 100% on your exams. Another thing is to not panic. Some people take these things a lot more serious than others. So avoid short breathes and over thinking and being negative. Take deep slow breathes and stay focused. relax and take your time. If you’re spending hours of your time trying to study and cram all the information you need in before the big day. try to add some extracurricular events into your schedule to relax yourself. Make a trip to the gym or be outside in fresh air with friends to get your mind off of all of the stress. If you are not very good at relaxing, try talking to someone or get a study partner to get thru the stressful time with together. Its best to get passed all of the stress before you get up to the big exam week and as long as you try your best and put in your all you will do great!