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Shooting at YouTube HQ

Last Wednesday on April 4th there was a shooting at YouTube head quarters. A women named Nasim Aghdam was identified later after the shooting in Northern California. After the shooting occurred the women took her own life after shooting three people with a 9 mm handgun. She was found by police at the scene the said that it seemed she shot herself with a handgun. It is believed that the shooter knows at least one of her victims. not including the fourth person injured due to people running out onto the patio outside the campuses cafe. The motive of the shooter was unclear but they are sure its because she was unhappy with you tubes p Continue reading Shooting at YouTube HQ

Getting up to being in the NFL

For most professional players. the pathway for the NFL begins in middle school or junior high football teams. following that you’d attended high school football. You’d want to be on varsity that way coaches or colleges watching will have a better chance to know you. Once you finish high school you’d join a college football team. Keep in mind during all of this you’re maintaining good grades for colleges to also notice. Because without those high grades you wont have a very good chance of getting drafted. More than 1 million high school players try to be in the NFL and only about 300 NFL openings each year. The game is more about talents on the field its a lot of leadership skill and effort and a lot of pushing yourself more and more.It will take a lot of commitment and responsibility to get that far into the profession game from high school or middle school when you started. Continue reading Getting up to being in the NFL

Schools walk out

Thousands of students, all across the united states but no just the united states all across the world are standing up and protesting. On Wednesday students stood up for the 17 deaths that took place a month ago in Florida after a gun man shot up they’re local school at the Parkland shooting. The protest last 17 minutes and took place to put pressure on the goverment to approve stricture gun control. The first wave of student around are nation left class around 10 am. Also in Washington student gathered around the outside of the White House and protested, they all carried signs and had a peaceful protest. Most school encouraged the walk out and welcomed the idea of a walk out, like in New York where the school permitted kids to walk out with parents permission, thousands of students walked out and stood up and protested while other schools have threatened discipline and consequences if they attempt to protest at 10 like by suspension or marking the students as absence or having them participate in detentions, instead they will provide students with an opportunity to share there feelings about recent events that have taken place and allow them to speak about solutions they can follow in a constructive way.

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top 5 ways to get in better shape fast

  1. move around more and make yourself more active and involved.

Just the little things can help make you in better shape. Start by getting up and moving around as much as possible. Park in the back of the parking lot of the grocery store and play a couple games of street basketball with your neighbors. Jog around the block a few times when you have free time. Continue reading top 5 ways to get in better shape fast

Our New School

Reese Massner

At our new West Clermont High school there is a lot of student traffic in the halls, new faces every way you turn, room numbers to memorize and work do get done. How are you taking in the transition? Are you overwhelmed and nervous about the upcoming year? Or are you thrilled about the combination of the two schools, new people and a new building? Click read more to see some students opinion about everything.

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Dress coding

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With the new school, new faces and principal. I’ts hard to keep everyone and everything in place. This year the staff has really been cracking down on dress codes. To avoid having to change your outfit this year make sure you know the rules of what to wear and what not to wear. Starting off with inappropriate tattoos, jewelry or symbols on clothing. Make sure nothing you wear to school glorifies or refers to drugs, tobacco, or alcohol! The staff will not take this as lightly as some of the other rules for dress coding. Also no sexual glorifying content. No profane or vulgar symbols. No gangs or cults (gang signs or bandannas are prohibited). Also no hate violence, blood, etc. These are the easy rules. Now this is the more complicated part. Click continue to read the rules.

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Easy Workout Sessions

Staying in shape isn’t as difficult as it is time consuming. It takes commitment to get in shape. These 5 work outs are simple and very popular. They work out most muscles and help build up your arms, legs, back etc.

    1. Dumb bell lift is first exercise, this is usually a simple beginner routine. Works out glutes, legs, and back. First you Grab a dumbbell with both hands and hold it at arm’s length in front of hips. Then you bend at your hips and knees to lower the dumbbell to the floor.
    2. Then, pull torso back and up, thrust hips forward, and stand up with the kettle bell or dumb bell. Squeeze glutes as you go. Continue reading Easy Workout Sessions

Spirit Week: Wacky Wednesday

This week at our school September 25th through the 28th is spirit week leading up to the big homecoming game Friday. The first day; Monday is America day, everyone dresses up in america colors and costumes. Tuesday is to team jersey Tuesday, then Wednesday is Wacky Wednesday. Thursday is float theme Thursday and Friday is class color. Each participate gets a point. Those points for each class is divided into a percentage due to different numbers of people in each class. The class with the highest percentage of people that participated get a trophy called the Pretrial Trophy. It’s a gorgeous trophy that each year gets given to the new winning class. Just like the winning float gets a trophy. Spirit week is to get everyone pumped and excited for the homecoming game Friday and dance Saturday night! Click “Continue Reading” to see more pictures!!

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