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Ranking Popular Thanksgiving Foods

Since Thanksgiving was today, I thought that it would be fun to personally rank some popular Thanksgiving foods. Thanksgiving is fun and all, but it’s probably one of my least favorite holidays. I really just don’t like the food that much, and I probably never will. I also wouldn’t really call myself a picky eater, but I really only like the super basic Thanksgiving foods. This list is solely going to be based on my own opinion, which many people will probably disagree with.

Halloween Restrictions due to COVID-19

Halloween is going to be very strange and different this year. Most of 2020 has been affected and altered by COVID-19, and October 31st is going to be no different. Health officials are recommending that everyone stays inside, and to avoid large gatherings such as parties or haunted houses. They say to have caution while trick-or-treating, if you do decide to go out. Many events have already been canceled, such as Kings Island’s Halloween Haunt. Not only have things gotten canceled, but some have been moved online. Many towns will have online costume contests and games live over Zoom. Some states are being very strict with restrictions on Halloween this year, and others not so much.