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March Madness Teams on upset

Ahhhhh the most wonderful time of the year where everyone in the country sits around on their couch all day watching college basketball hoping that the team that they have picked in their bracket is gonna win trying to get a perfect bracket. The NCAA tournament will be only be held in the state of Indiana where they will be playing at multiple venues across the state and the FInal Four being held in Indianapolis. March Madness is one of the most wonderful times of the year where teams that basically have no shot come out of nowhere to upset one of the top seeds in the tournament. In 2018 the first time in history  the 16 seed UMBC Retrievers beat the 1 seed Virginia Cavaliers to be the first and only team to be a 16 seed and beat the number one seed in the first round. So that brings up the question what teams are gonna be on upset alert by these lower seeded teams.

Jordan vs lebron debate

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The biggest debate in all sports is who is the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan or Lebron James. These two different basketball players have played in two different eras of basketball. Jordan has played for the Chicago Bulls who he is most nautible played for and the Washington Wizards where as Lebron James has played for the Cavaliers twice, Miami and The Los Angeles Lakers. Jordan played in the era where defense wins championships and 60 point games weren’t common especially in the playoffs. Lebron is playing in era is where high scoring games are most common and technology is improving guys performance and where they have specific diets for specific people. Here are the some battles between Jordan and Lebron.

2020 New NFL Uniforms

*Warning this is my bias opinion on these uniforms you might have a different view on these uniforms.*6 NFL teams have came out with new uniforms for *2020 NFL season*. Those 5 Teams include the New England Patriots, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Los Angeles Chargers, Cleveland Browns and theAtlanta Falcons came out with new uniforms. The Indianapolis Colts made minor changes but will not be in this article. One team in the Los Angeles Rams where they have already came out with their logo but not with their uniforms. I will be giving you a background on these uniforms and my personal grade on these teams new uniforms.

Wilder vs fury 2 recap

Round 2 of the Wilder vs Fury fight did not disappoint as these 2 went guns blazing when the first bell rang. Tyson Fury is 6’9”,273 pounds, 31 years old from Britain. DeontayWilder is 6’7” 231 pounds fighting from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. After controlling the WBC World Championship fight early, Fury (27-0-1, 19 KOs) miraculously overcame two knockdowns by Wilder (40-0-1, 39 KOs) – including one in round 12 – in the improbable draw. The judges scored the bout 115-111 for Wilder, 114-112 for Fury and 113-113. Wilder knocked down Fury twice and hit Fury the hardest he has ever hit someone and Fury got up. This will lead into the highly anticipated fights in 20 years in Wilder vs Fury 2. 

3 main Sports Trading Card Companies

“What exactly is a trading card? It is a card typically created from thick paper, which is meant to be collected and traded. The cards usually include: a picture of a person/thing/ place, either real or fictitious, a name or description of the picture, and some type of relevant information. Trading cards actually evolved from cards known as “trade cards.” Topps Baseball Cards came out with the first baseball cards in 1951.  Back in the 1950’s they would put a strip of bubble gum in the pack of gum. Trading cards buck in the 1800’s hundreds were at first to protect a pack of cigarettes because of how stiff they were and would keep the packaging from bending. 

MLB HAll of fame inductees

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Cooperstown, New York is Home to Major League Baseball’s Hall of Fame. “The village is pure Americana, a one-stoplight town nestled between the Adirondacks and the Catskills in Central New York. It drew its name from the family of James Fenimore Cooper – whose father, William, founded the village – whose works of literature have become American standards. And yet, Cooperstown has become a synonym for “baseball” – thanks to a story about a Civil War general and the country’s love for a timeless game.” In 1936 the first Hall of Fame class of Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson, Christy Mathewson, Honus Wagner and Babe Ruth were elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Three years later the MLB Hall of Fame will now be opened to the public in Cooperstown, New York.

Houston Astros scandal and what is to come

The year was 2017 the Houston Astros just won the 2017 World Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers but they didn’t know what the road ahead was going to be like. This all started when Mike Feirs who was on this Championship team who is now on the Oakland Athletics said that they were stealing signs during the World Series. “The Houston Astros sign stealing scandal refers to a series of incidents where members of the Houston Astros baseball organization stole signs of opposing teams through means against Major League Baseball’s (MLB) rules. The story was originally reported by journalists Ken Rosenthal and Evan Drelich in The Athletic.” Since the beginning of the investigation there have been 3 coaches have been released and 1 General Manager , Aj Hinch(2015-2019) the Head Coach during the World Series run Boston Red Sox Alex Cora (2018-2019) the bench coach of the Houston Astros and Left Fielder Carlos Beltran (2019-2020) who was the Head Coach of the New York Mets. When they went back to the tape they were banging on a trash can in their dugout and the number of times they hit it determined what pitch it was.

5 College Football traditions

College Football throughout the years has had some traditions that schools tend to do during the football season. Since this is the 150th year of college football we are going to look back some of traditions of college football. The first ever football game was between Rutgers University and the College of New Jersey which is known as Princeston today. Here are some common college football traditions:PAGE BREAK

MLB offseason awards 2019

Baseball awards, given to those people who make significant contributions or reach the highest levels of professionalism within the game of baseball, serve two purposes. First, each annual baseball award represents the highest honor players, managers, and other professionals can receive to celebrate greatness. Additionally, the baseball awards serve as baseball’s time capsule – triggering memories within those who love the sport, allowing them to fondly remember the heroes who have made baseball our National Pastime. Another season has come and gone and the 150 Anniversary of MLB is over and they went back all 162 regular season games and decided who did best in a respective category. The MLB started the award system in 1931. Here are the award winners in each of their respective categories.

5 college football traditions

College Football throughout the years has had some traditions that schools will do during the football season. Since this is the 150 year of college football we are going to look back some of traditions of College Football. The first ever football game was between Rutgers University and the college of New Jersey which is known as Princeston today. Here are some common College Football traditions.

  1. Penn State White Out Game

Penn State White Out game started in 2004 where they played against the Purdue Boilermakers with the student section started it and which grew to the fans. “Penn State doesn’t do t-shirts layouts, either. If you want the White Out shirt, you have to buy it. It certainly helps that Penn State has a dominant color like white, because all fans have gear in that color, but fans have to actually put in effort to create an imposing atmosphere. It’s nothing that the team goes out of its way to do.”