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The Rivalry Game

(some photos by “Clermont Sun Sports”)

The night of October 26th was the night every body was waiting for. The rivalry game against West Clermont and Milford at Milford. In the past West Clermont has won the game twice and Milford winning once last year. Last year Milford had a hard fought win, 23 to 21, West Clermont was coming back for revenge. Milford has a large entrance ready for the game, huge red fireworks shooting from their entrance.

West Clermont got a head start fast though. Leaving the game at 20 to 3 at half time, having a pick six in the second quarter, and a 69 yard touchdown run. After half time Milford scores bringing the game to 20 to 10. The West Clermont student hearts sunk, hoping they don’t come back. Luckily the defense was one bought to keep them from scoring again. WCHS won the game at 20 to 10, being the least closest game against the two there has ever been.

Through out the game West Clermont has 56 totally plays, whole 16 more plays then Milford. They also had 14 first downs and 49 penalty yards all together. We were all a little nervous for West Clermont at the start of the season, However something has happened, and has made that tweak to put them back into shape.

Miracle Dog Found in the Rubble of the Bahamas

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Hurricane Dorian was constantly growing in categories. By the time it hit the Bahamas, it maxed at a category five. It destroyed everything. So many houses were turned to scraps, streets were flooded, and many people were killed. They aren’t sure how many exactly because so many are still unaccounted for. At the moment, it is known that 50 were found dead. However, in the darkness of the destruction, there was a light, a miracle. A dog had survived for weeks in the rubble. He was very malnourished and scared. The poor thing was trapped under a broken air conditioner from a destroyed house in the city of Marsh Harbor. The dog was rushed to their rescue center for life saving treatment.

Big Dog Ranch member pulling the dog out of the rubble

A rescue team by the name of “Big Dog Ranch Rescue”, a dog rescue based out of Florida came to the dogs need. He was saved in the scraps of what used to be the town of Marsh Harbors. They later named the dog Miracle, because he truly is one. They’re trying to find Miracle’s owner, but, if they can’t, they will find the best possible home for him.

West Clermont Homecoming Pep Rally 2019

The day before homecoming West Clermont always had a massive pep rally. We have games and competitions between all the grade, and we get very, very competitive.

This year’s games included, tug of war, dance battles, and the main attraction jousting.

Jousting was where the students were put to the test of balance.The school brought in a massive blow up ring with a wobbly lifted center, the players goal was to stay standing on the center as long as possible while they attempt to knock each other up with big blow up sticks.

The winners of the games ended up being the sophomores, winning both the tug of war and dance battle.


Tips to Finding the Perfect Homecoming Dress

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Every year it is a struggle for every high school girl to find the perfect homecoming dress and eventually prom dress. You only get 4 homecomings in your entire life so you want them to be the way you dreamed them to be. Here are my tips to finding the perfect dress for you to make the homecoming look of your dreams a reality:

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