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A look at the upcoming softball season

It’s that time of the year where you can grab a blanket and a chair and get out side to watch some softball. The West Clermont Wolves Girls softball team is ready for the 2019-2020 season to begin. The wolves have won the ECC (Eastern Cincinnati Conference) for 2 consecutive years in a row and are hoping to do it again for the third straight year. Their record last year was 13-1 and with the only conference loss to Milford, who is a strong competitor in the ECC. The team is coached by Kelly Throckmorton, Bob Reynolds, and Kelsey Cook.

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2019 ECC champs PC: Wchs_softball

One of top athletes on the team, Kinsey Ventura, is a senior who is signed to play at D1 Robert Morris University Gave her outlook on the upcoming season. “My  intake on this year is very positive. I hope to make my SENIOR year the best I can, not only for myself but for the whole team. I want to make this year the BEST it can be and go out with a bang as i hope we take the ECC championship for the third year in a row. Positivity, effort and focus will be the main concept , if we all play as a team we can be very successful this season. I think this season will be a very good one. I am very excited to see what this season has in store for us, the level of competition will be hard for us,  which will keep us on our heels which is good for us in the long run because we will have to play harder. Playing games everyday will be hard so therefore lots of energy is required to be successful .

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Kinsey Ventura starts in right field (2019)

With the level of play that the Varsity level is at , we will be very successful and are capable of making a long run. I am very excited to begin the season to see how far we will go”. Kinsey also plays select softball for Cincy Doom, so I ask her with the differences between select and school ball and how high school ball helps her with her select team . Her response was “ School ball is very fun to play because it is very laid back compared to select, school ball allows me to gain full confidence back and spend lots of time bonding and playing with some of my best friends. The level of competition we face keeps me on my heels and with the number of rivals we face throughout the conference helps make the year a lot more fun. Knowing a lot of girls from a variety of school is also fun because it gives me motivation to want to play harder and win a game 110% more. With that said Wolves prepare for this season and hope to win the ECC for the third year in a row.

10 places to visit in 2020

Some people New Years resolutions for 2020 is to travel and go see the world. Well here are 10 places in the United States to go see in 2020.

  1. Orcacoke, North Carolina – This destination is perfect if you would like to just sit and sun bathe at the beach all day. Ocracoke is an island you have to access by a ferry boat, has a promising scenery and relaxed vibes.

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Is the tap water in Bangkok safe to drink?

Is the water in Bangkok bad for you? According to, Bangkok is a relatively safe and healthy place for visitors to travel to unlike many other less developed Asian cities. But this does not mean that the tap water is safe to drink, especially for visitors. The water is produced by the water authority in Bangkok and is perfectly drinkable when it leaves the plant, but after it will then travel through old, dirty, and broken pipes before it enters your tap.IMG_E9940

This is the reason it is unsafe to drink the contaminated water in Bangkok. If you ever happen to travel to  Bangkok you might happen to see the locals drinking tap water and thinking, “ Are you crazy?”. The locals have built up an immunity to the specific microbes in the Bangkok water that, us, as visitors do not have, so drinking the tap as a visitor is more likely to make you will then if you were a local. Your stomach will not be prepared for the foreign types of bacteria in the water, since they are different from the ones in the United States.

IMG_E9941You may wonder how would visitors stay hydrated when visiting if it is it safe to drink the tap water? Well according to, your best bet is to keep yourself hydrated by drinking bottled water rather than drinking tap water. Also, many apartments and high end hotels, guest houses, and hostels in Bangkok will have a filtration system and will have a card next to the sink to let you know that – that water is safe to drink. But bottled water is so cheap and more refreshing, most travelers tend to drink bottled water more so they don’t have to worry about getting a stomach bug that will ruin their trip and all their plans. In the end, there is little risk of becoming ill from indirect exposure to the water so showering and brushing your teeth is not going to hurt you, so please still do that!!

Going on strike for Uber

All over the world, drivers for Uber, Lyft, adn Juno, which are some of the biggest rideshare companies happened to go on strike. That means you should probably not try and use these services. The LA- based RIdeshare United, has taken a lead role in the strike. They are going on strike for multiple reasons such as : fair pay, just cause provisions, union recognition, and environmentally friendly reforms such as vehicle cap and new emission standards. “‘  We ask that the public support drivers in their struggle for fair wages and our driver bill of rights,’ RDU spokesperson Brian Dolber told NPR. ‘We are calling for community standards that will ensure that Uber and Lyft do not create needless traffic and pollution. By boycotting Uber and Lyft for 24 hours, passengers can show that they stand with RDU in our fight for a RIdeshare industry that truly serves Angelenos.’” According to a list complied on Google docs, pickets are taking place in over a dozen cities across the US, as well as at least in the UK, Australia, and Uruguay. If you don’t live in the cities listed, show some solidarity and refrain from using these apps today. If you do, don’t cross that line. Continue reading Going on strike for Uber

ALICE drill

On tuesday april 2nd,  West Clermont High School had an ALICE lockdown drill. Around 2:20 pm, the students in the school were to evacuate the school and go to the “safety zones” around the school. The three locations are : the football field home stands, Mount carmel Christian Church, which is right across the street from the school, and the last place is the Southern Ohio Manufacturing inc, which is on the other side of Clough Pike. Of course since this was just a drill, so the students had a specific spot to go to based on what floor of the building they were on. But in a real emergency it is important that they would go to the location that is closer and safer for them to go to.  Continue reading ALICE drill

Things to do in Cincinnati

If you are at home and are always bored with nothing to do but you live in the Cincinnati area

you can go out and do all sorts of things. For example, you can go to the Cincinnati Art Museum.

It features an unparalleled art collection of more than 67,000 artworks in the time span of 6,000 years.

In addition to displaying its own broad collection, the art museum also host several national and

international traveling exhibitions each year. They have recently opened Rosenthal Education Center

offers an immersive, hands on experiment for families. It’s a place for for the whole family to come to and

have a great time.

Another place would be Newport on the Levee. It is a multi level urban retail entertainment center located

on the south bank of the Ohio River in Newport, Kentucky directly across from downtown Cincinnati. You

can sit back and enjoy all the entertainment and new experiences. You can go to the arcade at

Gameworks, you can go to the one of the best dining venues, you could go bowling at Axis Alley, the

aquarium, or watch the beautiful sunset over the Cincinnati Skyline. All this and more are all at Newport

and the Levee. Bring you family, bring your friends, bring your significant other and just have a night out.

If you are into history you might be interested in the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. It is

perched on the north bank of the Ohio River. It celebrates freedom’s heroes, from the era of the

Underground Railroad to contemporary times, complete with inspiring stories and hands on activities.

Even though the exhibits and programming, the Freedom Center offers and educational and inspiring

experience for children and adults alike. It is open Tuesday through Sunday from 11am to 5pm.

The Creation museum is full of fun for the whole family. It is designed by a former Universal Studios

exhibit director. The Creation Museum presents a walk through biblical history in a state of the art 75,000

square foot museum. You can do a museum walk through, special effects theatre, Botanical gardens and

petting zoo, all of which is included in the admission.

Another place to visit if you like history, is the The Ark. The Ark encounter is a full sized reconstruction of

Noah’s Ark. Stretching more than 1.5 football fields in length and higher than four story house. You will be

shocked at how large it is. You can also visit the petting zoo, experience the themed restaurant and shop

in the gift shop, it’s a family fun event.

Going to the Oaks

Some people really do not like going to school, I get that because school is not the most fun thing in the

world. Think about it, you could be traveling the world going to France or Spain or anywhere in the world, or

even just at home in your bed cozied up under  all the blankets and pillows watching tv or sleeping.

Some people enjoy going to school because they get to see their friends and talk to them everyday and

some people like school because they actually want an education and then go to a great college to have

a successful career. School is not for everyone but everyone must go. There happens to be a great

program called the oaks, you can go to Great oaks or Live oaks. If you go to the oaks you have the

opportunity to learn about the career that you want to go into and start doing the practice for it. This is a

great thing to look into if you are not really wanting to go to college after high school and want to go

straight to a Career. Continue reading Going to the Oaks