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High school sports get dropped

Most people enjoy sports and going to the games and cheering on their favorite team. In high school when you can go the games and stand in your schools student section and yells cheers to the opposing teams student section, getting the gym or field all hyped up.

But imagine if it was all gone. Not like you graduate and your not apart of it anymore. Even if you graduate you can go to the games and enjoy them and still cheer. But what if high school sports were dropped? What would all the athletes do? Could you imagine losing the feeling of going to school sitting in class, all day anxiously waiting for the school day to end to go to your game. If school sports were dropped, kids would drop out of school. They wouldn’t see a point in coming. Some students get into colleges because of sports not because of academics.

Sports are extremely important in building your character, managing time, and building your work ethic. Some people wouldn’t mind if sports were dropped because they would get more time to do homework concentrate in school work, more free time after school. Honestly though more students would be affected by dropping sports.

Places to visit in Cincinnati

If you are at home and are always bored with nothing to do but you live in the Cincinnati area you can go out and do all sorts of things.

For example, you can go to the Cincinnati Art Museum. It features an unparalleled art collection of more than 67,000 artworks in the time span of 6,000 years. In addition to displaying its own broad collection, the art museum also host several national and international traveling exhibitions each year. They have recently opened Rosenthal Education Center offers an immersive, hands on experiment for families. It’s a place for for the whole family to come to and have a great time.

Another place would be Newport on the Levee. It is a multi level urban retail entertainment center located on the south bank of the Ohio River in Newport, Kentucky directly across from downtown Cincinnati. You can sit back and enjoy all the entertainment and new experiences. You can go to the arcade at Gameworks, you can go to the one of the best dining venues, you could go bowling at Axis Alley, the aquarium, or watch the beautiful sunset over the Cincinnati Skyline. All this and more are all at Newport and the Levee. Bring you family, bring your friends, bring your significant other and just have a night out.

If you are into history you might be interested in the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. It is perched on the north bank of the Ohio River. It celebrates freedom’s heroes, from the era of the Underground Railroad to contemporary times, complete with inspiring stories and hands on activities. Even though the exhibits and programming, the Freedom Center offers and educational and inspiring experience for children and adults alike. It is open Tuesday through Sunday from 11am to 5pm.

The Creation museum is full of fun for the whole family. It is designed by a former Universal Studios exhibit director. The Creation Museum presents a walk through biblical history in a state of the art 75,000 square foot museum. You can do a museum walk through, special effects theatre, Botanical gardens and petting zoo, all of which is included in the admission.

Another place to visit if you like history, is the The Ark. The Ark encounter is a full sized reconstruction of Noah’s Ark. Stretching more than 1.5 football fields in length and higher than four story house. You will be shocked at how large it is. You can also visit the petting zoo, experience the themed restaurant and shop in the gift shop, it’s a family fun event.

Co-Ed sports teams

Most people play sports during their childhood and teenage years. But they don’t play co-ed, they only play sports with the people of their gender, girls with girls and guys with guys. A lot of people enjoy it and like playing with their gender but many of them never think about playing with the other gender and play co-ed. Most sports do not offer or have co-ed teams. Sexually segregated teams believe that female athletes don’t play as well as males. Laura Pappano believes that teams should be separated by skill and not gender. Assigning team membership based on skill levels allows teams to be more competitive and recognize the athletic skills of players is different genders.

For example, football, football is a sport that is played by mainly males with the exception of a few females on some teams. But those females had to figh Continue reading Co-Ed sports teams

Chloe Kim tweets while competing

On Monday, Chloe Kim won the women’s halfpipe gold medal at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, but at some point during the competition she was tweeting about her cravings. Chloe Kim was already one of the most talked about athletes at the Olympics but then she won gold while tweeting and Twitter went insane. Before the Olympic, Kim’s twitter account hovered over around 10,000 followers. Until her event started Tuesday morning in South Korea she gained about 5,000 followers.

The 17 year old, American snowboarder went on Twitter Monday to share that she was craving some ice cream while on top of the snowy mountain in PyeongChang.

On Chloe’s first run she scored a 91.50 and then after tweeting about wanting ice cream she scored a 95.5 on her qualifying run, making her the top qualifier by a wide range.

Chloe’s tweets got a lot of attention but a lot of her followers and most of the were shocked she was even tweeting at all. One of her followers tweeted at her and said “‘HOW ARE YOU TYPING AREN’T YOUR HANDS COLD’”. But honestly how was she tweeting in 23 degree weather and it was probably even colder on top of the snowy mountain. Josh Billinson tweeted and said “ I’m nervous just watching the Olympics from 7,000 miles away and Chloe Kim is on top of the mountain tweeting about how much she wants ice cream.

Wanting ice cream is not the only thing Chloe Kim tweeted about. She also tweeting about her breakfast and said “‘ Wished I finished my breakfast sandwich but my stubborn self decided not to and now I’m getting hangry’”. But aren’t we all like this sometimes.

Besides ice cream and breakfast sandwiches, Chloe tweeted about eating two churros over the weekend, which is not only satisfying her sweet tooth apparently helped her calm her nerves. Clearly she has a winning strategy and she is only 17. In 2016, Chloe became the first person under age 16 to win three gold medals at an X games and the first woman to land back to back 1080 spins in a snowboarding competition. Not to mention she is the second person ever to receive a perfect 100 point score.

By the time everything wrapped up by 11pm, Twitter reported that Kim had been mentioned more than 150,000 times and had gained over 100,000 followers.

The new Snapchat update

Snapchat has released a new update which is proving to be very annoying for many of the users. It’s includes a lot of new features. In a blog published last year, Snapchat said the update was designed to separate content produced by friends and professionals. “‘ Until now, social media has always mixed photos and videos from your friends with content from publishers and creators’, it wrote”. Chats and stories from your friends can be viewed by swiping left, while stories from publishers, creators and the community can be viewed on the discovered page that you swipe right to get to.

The friends page has also been redesigned to make it more dynamic, so that the friends you talk to the most will be easier to find rather than seeing the people that you don’t really care for.

4 out of 10 people have recently deleted snapchatted because of the new update. People are complaining about “complicated” the new update is to use and control. They complain about how the new update is too cluttered and is just plain out “annoying”. Chloe Lehn said “ I hate it, I miss the old Snapchat and it’s really hard to view stories that I actually want to see now , I don’t understand why Snapchat would change their whole setup when it was fine the way it was and everyone loved it. The only thing we actually want back is when you can see each other

best friends and maybe some other stuff but not a change in the whole layout, there was no point”. Alli Rorrick agreed with Chloe and said “ The new Snapchat update ‘sucks’ and they should’ve kept the snap stories apart of there snap. I wish they added the best friends list; where you can see your friends best friends”.

Many people have tried to reverse the update by deleting the app, going to settings and turning off the automatic update and then re downloaded the app. If this happened to work, it would only last for about an hour or maybe even less than that.

Also many people on Twitter have been trying to direct message Snapchat and ask for the update back for a certain amount of retweets. Snapchat did fortunately reply to the direct message and said “We have heard a lot of complaints about the new Snapchat update so why don’t we say 50,000 retweets and we will think about a new plan for Snapchat”. So in the the future we can maybe see the Snapchat that almost everybody loved or we will have to unfortunately stay with this recent update.


If your sitting at home on a rainy day with nothing to to do besides watch tv, which would you rather watch NFL OR NBA? It’s different for everyone, if you’re more into basketball then your would most likely prefer NBA but if you’re more into football then you would prefer football.

An anonymous person said “ I enjoy both sports, I used to play both of them. The NFL has too much controversy for my tastes. I do not not mind taking a knee to combat controversy. In fact, I applaud them for using their platform to voice very real concerns about the state of the nation. The media frenzy surrounding thats is dying down, but that in itself is not a knock on the NFL. The NBA boasts the best athletes in world in my mind. It’s not even particularly close. The NBA also has an excellent competitive balance. It may not seem that way with the Golden state Warriors or the Cleveland cavaliers poised to have a fourth consecutive Finals match up in 2018.

Brittany woods stated that she believes the “NFL is better because you get to watch people get hit hard and plumished to the ground. The NBA is only good to watch the it’s a close game, when someone gets their ankles broken or when there is an injury”.

From a recent survey it’s every 3 out of 5 that thinks the NFL is better to watch than the NBA. I tested this out with my family and it was correct ⅗ of my family members said NFL was better, this is not including me.

NFL is the most popular sport in America for at least the 30th straight year. That’s according to a survey taken this month by the Harris poll, which has been asking adults fans, ages 18 and over, about their favorite sports since 1985. But what do you think, which should be the most popular?

Gamers vs athletes

What do you like to do doing your free time, maybe play some video games? Picture being paid to play video games for a living, like how athletes get paid to play football, basketball, and any other sport. Wouldn’t that be something.

Would you consider playing video games as a sport? Most people would say no because you sit at home and just use a controller to move a person or object around and destroy, create, and kill. There’s not much to it. It’s not like you have to run a couple miles , make a ball go through a hoop while traveling at great speed, or hit a baseball pretty far to get a homerun or even get to a base. Continue reading Gamers vs athletes

Legal drinking age

     Picture yourself at a party and you’re celebrating, drinking, having fun, doing what most people but you not old enough to have a drink of alcohol even though your 18 and you think your responsible enough to control yourself. Bummer, right?

  During a recent Twitter poll 77% of people think the legal drinking age should be 18 and 23% of people think it should stay 21. On this poll it was mostly teenagers who voted, so they more than likely voted for 18 but maybe being 18 and allowed to drink alcohol isn’t a bad thing.

  Obviously being 18 and drunk has consequences but so does being 21. Some pros of the legal drinking age being 18 are: allowing 18 – 20 y/o to drink alcohol in regulated environments with supervision would decrease unsafe drinking activity, lowering the MLDA from 21 to 18 would diminish the thrill of breaking the law to get drunk, more teens will be drawn out of private places like fraternity houses and  dorm rooms to more public places like bars where they can be monitored. Also 18 is the age of adulthood ( in the United States at least) and adults should have the right to make their own decisions about alcohol consumption.

On the other hand there are some cons to being 18 and allowed to drink. For example: it would be medically irresponsible; alcohol assumption can interfere with the development of young adults brains.already people under 21 have an easy access to alcohol so lowering it to 18 would cause middle schoolers to have an easy access. Allowing 18-20 y/o to legally go buy alcohol would only increase the number of people in alcohol related crashes.

  Of the 190 countries, 61% have a drinking age of 18 or 19 years old. The United States and 11 other countries have have a MLDA of 22 y/o, the highest MLDA of all countries its is legal to drink other than India where its 30   y/o.


Papa John’s blames the NFL

Would you believe it if I said that one of the biggest pizza franchises is losing money because of the NFL. “You would not expect the NFL’s day of reckoning to arrive during the subdued third-quarter investor earnings call of America’s third-largest pizza chain. And you would not expect Papa John Schnatter (eponym and founder of Papa John’s Pizza, the chain in question) to publicly force that reckoning while explaining management’s downward revision of its year-end sales outlook, rebuking the league for which the company has been the official pizza sponsor since 2010.”(sports illustrated) Continue reading Papa John’s blames the NFL