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Chinese Police Use Recognition Software in Sunglasses to Apprehend Criminals

When we see cool technological advances in things such as movies and other media, it’s no wonder why we see these as a great model for what we want the future to be. However, the future may finally be starting to catch up. If you heard there were glasses that could potentially be used to identify people and help stop crime, wouldn’t you think it was the premise of some weird sci-fi film? Well, as it turns out, Chinese police may be turning that strange image into a reality.

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Scientists Call for Global Ban on Glitter

Surely everyone knows about glitter, the annoying plastic substance that makes things shiny and sparkly. What most might not know however, is that glitter is made up of plastic, and due to its size is considered a microplastic. Essentially, this means that the plastic is so small it might as well be unrecognizable as a plastic substance. Now, while this may not seem like such a bad thing at first glance, the problem occurs not in the fact that glitter exists but in the issue of what it is being put into. Continue reading Scientists Call for Global Ban on Glitter

The Repeal of Net Neutrality

Many of us enjoy spending time using one of mankind’s greatest inventions, the Internet. A wide source of not only information and necessities but also a source of great entertainment for kids and adults alike. This service, which today many would likely consider essential to everyday activity, is actually serviced through providers such as Comcast, Time Warner, and many others who you have likely heard of. These providers, who usually also specialize in the distribution of cable services (as they are all mainly TV providers), charge users monthly for free, uninhibited use of Internet services and capabilities, no matter what they may be.


What many don’t realize, is that this freedom of Internet access stems from the insurance of a certain piece of legislation known as “Net Neutrality”. Net Neutrality is what insures that Internet service providers, or ISPs for short, can neither slow down or speed up your connection for certain websites. This is so that these companies cannot take advantage of this service, and charge the consumer extra money so that their speeds can all match up and they won’t receive poorer quality on some of their services. Or, it did at least, because recently there was a vote to repeal this important piece of security for the American public.

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Hot Mantle Plume Under Antarctica Threatens Ice Sheet

Climate change is a scary topic, one that promises a lot of disaster in what many consider the near future. Since the Industrial Age of the world we have continued to spew forth more and more waste material, which we have found to be of huge impact to our environment. However, many do not realize that climate change (or more commonly global warming) is also a natural occurrence. This is further supported by recent events involving the discovery of a hot mantle plume in Antarctica that threatens to melt the surrounding ice sheet. Continue reading Hot Mantle Plume Under Antarctica Threatens Ice Sheet

Tunnel Collapse in North Korea Leads to Radiation Concerns

On October 10 a tunnel collapsed at a nuclear test site in North Korea. The report says that around 200 people were crushed in the collapse. The disaster is said to have been caused by one of the many series of tests of nuclear weaponry currently being tested in North Korea. While many are obviously concerned over North Korea’s newfound ability to set off hydrogen bombs, they have since called it a “perfect success”. The blast was strong enough to create a magnitude 6.3 earthquake, which is what caused the tunnel to collapse. Experts have determined that the damage and strain to the surrounded environment of the blast is irreversible and scarring.

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Twitter Announces More Strict Labeling on Political Advertisements

In recent years there has been a growing concern over the legitimacy of political campaigning tactics. One of the many ways political leaders and figureheads reach their expansive audiences is to use advertising services, such as television ads, signs and billboards, or even to air their ads on the internet through video or other various forms of media. These advertisements have been going on for quite some time, but only recently has the use of the internet and popular social media sites been a target for political leaders to try and gain an advantage over their opponents. These types of ads are generally just plopped onto the site like any other advertisement might be, but Twitter has taken a step in the right direction.  Continue reading Twitter Announces More Strict Labeling on Political Advertisements

Two Neutron Stars Collide

Space is one of life’s greatest mysteries, and many have dedicated their lives to studying its vast expanses. The reaches beyond our planet hold many secrets and fascinating sights, including one only just recently observed; the collision of two neutron stars. This event has been talked about, but scientists have never actually been able to observe the rare phenomenon until recently. The observation, made last Monday, gave some scientists the answers they have been looking for.

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Mysterious Hole in Antarctica

For quite awhile now we’ve been hearing of the dangerous effects of global warming on areas with a colder climate. Specifically the effects on Antarctica, the continent mainly associated with the ice and cold. So it’s usually not a surprise when we hear of holes in the ice or glaciers melting. However this has done little to nothing to calm the nerves of scientists who discovered a mysterious hole some time ago. While it may seem obvious to us how this hole came to be, that might not be the case. Scientists working on studying the hole have been left scratching their heads, as they attempt to figure out just what might have caused this to happen. Continue reading Mysterious Hole in Antarctica

Catalonia Moves for Independence

Thinking back to times when the people of a nation are forced to rise up, whether it be the Revolutionary War in America or the Glorious Revolution in France, the common theme seems to be injustice. Not quite a revolution, but definitely an act of defiance, is the recent decision made by Catalonia to separate from Spain. This area of Spain held voting (that has remained unrecognized by the Spanish government) on whether or not Catalonia should break its ties with Spain and become its own independent country.

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