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Pre-Season Baseball Interview


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The West Clermont baseball season is right around the corner. I decided to interview some players that have played in the past to get their intake on how the 2020 season will go. Logan Schmidt, a senior at West Clermont has played baseball for 13 years and plans on attending the University of Cincinnati where he will be majoring in pre-physical therapy and minoring in statistical analytics. Braden Meadows, another senior at West Clermont has played baseball for 14 years and plans on attending either Mount Saint Joseph University or Bluffton University where he will continue to play baseball and major in crimal justice.

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‘To All The Boys’ Sequel


If you’re looking for a great movie to watch on Valentine’s Day you’re in for a treat. If you haven’t already seen the Netflix movie To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, it is one that you need to watch. Rotten Tomatoes gave them 97% on their tomatometer and the audience gave them 87%.  Continue reading ‘To All The Boys’ Sequel


I decided to interview a fellow student at WCHS that is involved in the HOSA program. HOSA is Future Health Professionals who compete at regional and state competitions in Ohio. I decided to interview Lily Wilfert, a senior at West Clermont High School. Lily competes with Physical Therapy in the HOSA program. She plans on going to Ohio University and will there double major in Pre-Physical Therapy and Athletic Training. 

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The Turning Movie Review

If you are looking for a heart-pounding, palms sweating, spine chilling movie, The Turning is the movie for you. The movie was released January 24, 2020. It’s about a young governess who is hired by a man who has become responsible for his young nephew and niece after the deaths of their parents. If you are a fan of Finn Wolfhard from the netflix series Stranger Things, then I would 10/10 recommend this movie to you.  Continue reading The Turning Movie Review

WCHS Teacher Spotlight- Mrs. Schmidt

Mrs. Schmidt is a sophomore english teacher at West Clermont High School. She teaches English II and Act-Prep. I decided to interview her this week over last minute semester thoughts as well as going into the 2nd semester. Below are some of the questions I had asked.

Is this last week stressful? 

  • No, this last week has been good. The previous week was bad.

How do you feel about teachers giving students tests the last week of the semester? 

  • I am 100% all for it because I think it helps keep the students engaged the last week of the semester, it’s a good idea.

What kind of work do you usually give to students the last week of the semester?

  • I usually like to give something that allows students to gain credit, raise their grade, or allow students who are trying to raise their grade to passing.

Do students typically get lazy knowing it’s the last week?

  • Yes, or they become hyper and engaged where they start to look at any missing assignments they may find on Schoology. Usually, that’s the time where I get piles of missing work that students are frantically trying to turn in for full credit.

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Flu Shot Mismatch

The flu is on the loose! Many children and even adults are coming down with this terrible illness. Why? Well, many people are saying that it’s because of the flu shots they are receiving this year!

“This years’s flu vaccine is ‘not a very good match’ for a common strain of flu that’s especially tough on children, according to the nation’s top infectious disease doctor.” (Cohen, CNN News) When people get the flu shot, normally they are injected with a little strain of the flu so that their body can fight the virus in case it reappears. However, this year’s flu vaccine is said to be ineffective for the current strain. This being said, take yourself and your child to be injected. “The vaccine is a 58% match for B/Victoria (another name for the flu).” (Cohen, CNN News)

That 58% match reduces the likelihood of contracting the flu. “It could help protect them from getting so sick that they develop life-threatening complications, Fauci said.” (Cohen, CNN News) For any parent, that is the most important thing to them, keeping their child safe and healthy. However, some parents believe that having their child receive the flu shot is unnecessary.

Why do they think like that? Well, there are 4 reasons behind this. “Religious reasons, personal beliefs, or philosophical reasons, safety concerns and most importantly a desire for more information from healthcare providers.” (McKee, Those are all valid reasons, but if it were a drug that were to save everyone from a disease that’s killing millions, would the parents still not let their children or even themselves receive it? There is always a possibility that can happen. But the smart thing to do would be to get the injection.

The flu is mostly likely to occur in the winter and that’s why most pharmacies are always flooded with people trying to get their vaccines. If more people were to start getting their flu shots, “the shot will likely prevent infection with the other strain of the flu that’s out right now.” (Cohen, CNN News) Scientists typically try to work on matching the strain in spring so the vaccine will be available to people who want to receive it in the winter. “This year’s match to the H3N2 strain of the virus is only 34%, which Fauci called a ‘poor’ match. But it’s not very consequential, since there’s been little H3N2 this flu season.” (Cohen, CNN News) In conclusion, it’s important for you to get the vaccine when it’s readily available.

Lori Loughlin College Scandal

The former star actor in Full House, Lori Loughlin has gotten herself in a predicament. She is allegedly accused of paying off college admissions to let her daughter get into the college of her choice. She has pled not guilty to all the accusations against her but the public is finding her out to be a liar. She continues to dig herself a hole because everyone knows that she had the money to bribe the school so she could go.

“Prosecutors have accused Ms. Loughlin and Mr. Giannulli of paying $500,000 to get their two daughters designated as recruits to the University of Southern California women’s crew team as a way to ensure their admission to the school” (Lori Loughlin Pleads Not Guilty to New College Admissions Scandal Charge). When the news broke, many people were angry because there could have been students that actually earned their way into the school, rather than paying someone off so their kids can get in there because they wanted to. Loughlin’s daughter Olivia Jade was devastated when she heard what her mother got into. She was very upset and was getting shamed for something she had no control over. 

Olivia decided that she wanted to take a break from social media due to all the criticism and hate from her fans. “Lori Loughlin’s daughter Olivia Jade Giannulli reacted to rumors circulating about her life by addressing the media with a clear message: middle fingers up” (Georgantopoulos). That may have not been the appropriate way to react to what was going on because it just makes her more suspicious of what her mother had done. “ In recent days, multiple stories have cited unnamed sources claiming to have the inside scoop on Olivia Jade’s relationship with her mother, whether or not she’ll return to the University of Southern California, and what’s next in her career as an influencer” (Georgantopoulos)

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College Gymnast Dies in Uneven Bar Accident

Gymnastics has always been a fun sport both for the athletes and spectators watching the sport. However, there are a bunch of risks that come with it. With constant flips on a floor and the beam, the risk for any injury is possible.Even the uneven bars can be dangerous. How? Well the high bar is set to be around 8 feet high. That’s a pretty good amount of height off the ground. With a fall it can really injure someone or maybe even result in death. 

Unfortunately, an uneven bar accident did result in a young woman’s death. College gymnast Melanie Coleman died with a fall off the uneven bars during one of her regular practices. “Melanie Coleman fell during a routine exercise on the uneven bars Friday, university spokesman Ken Sweeten said.” (Smiko-Bednarski, CNN News) 

But, what many people were shocked when the news broke was how an experienced gymnast could have fallen to her death on the uneven bars. It’s such a rare death in gymnastics but it has happened before about 31 years ago with a gymnast by the name of Julissa Gomez. She had an accident on the vault and she became paralyzed. “She died of complications from her injuries three years later.” (Smiko-Bednarski, CNN News) Many gymnasts suffer from injuries every year, and what needs to happen is to propose prevention strategies so the number of gymnasts that are getting injured each year can be reduced or so it is less likely to happen. 

Melanie had her whole life planned out while she was in college. She planned on being a nurse when she graduated and working as a part-time gymnastics instructor for little kids. This whole accident was very painful for the Coleman family but they still try to keep their spirits high just like Melanie always did. “They are confident that her spirit, laughter, and humor will live on through the ones who loved her most, as well as through the gift of life to those who needed it most through organ donation.” (Smiko-Bednarski, CNN News)

Many people looked up to Coleman because she was a person who inspired many people. She had the personality of someone who had an extraordinary quality that everyone wanted. Even in the gym, she was considered a leader. “To her, it wasn’t about trying to get a better score. What made her a great gymnast is also what made her a great person, Alberti said. She had a desire to help everyone around her.” (Smiko-Bednarski, CNN News) By her having that caring personality, it really made everyone she taught in the gym feel one of a kind. 

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s Breakup

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott recently just went through a very messy breakup. With their daughter Stormi stuck in the middle. Kylie and Travis have been trying to get their relationship to work for a while despite of their daughter. The two decided that it would be best if they step away for a while because things were just not working out. Rumors say the relationship ended because Kylie “supposedly” went over to Tyga’s recording studio to catch up. Travis found out and the breakup became mutual. 

It was really unexpected for this to happen because the two individuals were as happy as can be when they were spending time with each other in the summer. They were always traveling on yachts and around the world, making sure they could have every moment with each other. Then Kylie later went on and got pregnant. The two seemed really in love when they were around each other and were excited that they were later on going to have a daughter they could raise together. But, things got complicated when they became busy with both of their careers and became distant. It was best for them to split but still remain friends because of Stormi. 

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