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Another Delay from Kanye West

Kanye West was hyping up his album, everyone was ready. People were staying up to hear those brand new songs. Then they never came out. Everyone was shocked. It isn’t very normal for things like this to happen in the music business. Or is it only normal for Kanye?

The original release date of the album “Jesus is King” was September the 27. Now it did not come out on that day. We were all ready. We were disappointed. According to TMZ sources the album was completed, but Kanye listens back to it and changes things constantly. Nobody was sure when it was going to be able to meet his standards. 

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Parents are now starting to not label their children a specific gender. They are now starting to calling them “Theybies”. The meaning of “Theybies” is, “a baby who has been brought up in a gender-neutral way and not outwardly identified by its parents as either a boy or a girl. ‘Couples are deciding to raise their children as theybies instead of deciding their gender.” according to buzzword. 

Children are always told to express themselves, letting these children express their own gender. Their parents and other identifying them as “Theybies” is a great way to set them up for success. Gender-neutral mean to applicable to both being male and female genders. 

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James Charles Cancelled

James Charles cancelled? The young 19 year old beauty guru/youtuber is being called out by everyone in the industry. Tati Westbrook another famous makeup artist on youtube was always known for supporting James Charles through all of his drama that you hear about. In James’ apology video which we will get into later he said how Tati stepped in as a parent figure when james first moved to L.A. in 2017. He even lived with her for the first year. Tati also was a big reason why James has been so popular. She gave him so many shout outs, even when James became very popular she would shout him out, show his pallet and make videos with him.

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Students at School Get Jelly Sandwiches Until Debt Is Paid Off

In almost all school districts students will eat lunch. Some pay every time, some go into debt and pay it off every so often. Well what happens if they can’t or have not paid it off? Well Rhode Island decided that they will be serving students Sunflower and jelly sandwiches until the debt is paid off. The state law is that they must provide a lunch for students, yet does not specify the type of lunch rather it hot, cold or even the size.


This new rule is for Warwick Public Schools from Kindergarten to 12th graders. Apparently this was posted by the school district,“If money is owed on a paid, free, or reduced lunch account a sun butter and jelly sandwich will be given as the lunch choice until the balance owed is paid in full or a payment plan is set up,”. At least 70 percent of families in the state get free lunches or reduced lunches based on their income. Even some of those families are complaining that they have certain charges for small items that were not included in the free or reduced lunches such as milk.

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Earth By Lil Dicky

As I am sure you know Earth Day was Monday April 22 of 2019. In the recent years a lot of people have thought about the outcome of how we treat the earth and we have tried to start changing and making the earth better. Lil Dicky decided to be one of those to take a stand for mother earth. He released a hint on twitter on April 9th  that he would be releasing a song later on that next week. There was some talk of Justin Bieber collabing with him. Bieber then confirmed that he would be in this new song Lil Dicky would be releasing.

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Popular 90s Fashion Trends That Are Coming Back

I’m sure everyone knows that some styles have been coming back over the last few years. You see all the things teens are wearing. This has been happening for a while. Things will always come back in style. It seems though that the Nineties are coming back, big! So many thing that you probably already wearing.

The number one things that is defiantly back is denim. Denim is everywhere, Jean, jackets, shoes,backpacks, even phone cases. Denim was a phenomenon from the 1970s-1990s. Now don’t get me wrong it never left but over the past few years more has come popular with it. Such as denim overalls that are in all forms, dresses, pants, and shorts. Also not just denim overalls, but just denim jeans. Now i’m sure everyone has seen high wasted jeans by now. That’s pretty much all people wear is high wasted, but those aren’t the ones I was talking about. I am talking about the Mom Jeans. Yes the high wasted, long legged, wide legged jeans. They used to be looked at as rather weird and not trendy, but now they are very popular and quit cute!img_7621

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Post Malone

Post Malone is a “Rockstar” right now. You have probably heard of him before. The guy that sings rockstar with face tattoos? Yep that’s him. No matter how you feel about the face tattoos, you have to admit his music is really good. And he is obviously doing something right.

    Post Malone has been around for a while but I’m 2015 he dropped “White Iverson” and it went just about everywhere. He got signed with a record label and it all started. Posty then dropped his first album “Stoney” in 2016. It was on the US billboard 200 for a while. Congratulations was the first released for the album. It was his first international hit. Post then started performing on live shows and getting more and more popular. Everyone started liking his music.

    After 2 years of fame, Post Malone dropper one of his featured song on his upcoming album “Beerbongs, and Bently” in 2018. “Rockstar” became very popular, most likely because of his featured person, 21 Savage. Who brought I a whole different crowed into Post Malone’s fans. It hit number one on billboards Hot 100. He then released the rest of the album. Which broke several streaming record, and hitting number one on billboard 200.

    In this album Post has a song called “Stay” which many know but it’s not played on the radio very often. It’s different from a lot of his songs. It’s all slow and you can really hear his true voice come out. Many people where swooned. Post Malone also dropped his single “Psycho” which made it on the second album “Beerbongs, and Bently”. This was another very smart feature, with TY Dolla $ign. If you turn the radio on, you’ve heard this song.

    After “Beerbongs, and Bently” was realaesed Post Malone didn’t make music for the summer. Which makes the most sense since he just dropped new stuff. Then he came back in October 2018 after doing tours and live shows with the single “Sunflower” by Swae Lee and Post Malone. The song was written for the new movie, “Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse” of course it becaome popluare, it was in a kids movie. Together they reached an entire different audience. It’s knows as one of the best collaborations in 2018.

    Of you thought that was enough Post Malone, no you’re wrong. Posty dropped his single “Wow” on December 24th 2018. The music video and everything is under the Christmas theme. Yet it is still played to the day on the radio. It hit US billboard number one for a while and is still on the billboard. He really has become and rockstar over the bast few years.

    If you didn’t know Post Malone real name is not Post Malone it’s Austin Richard Post. He goes by Post Malone because his last name is post and he used a rap name generator to get Malone. He did this when he was 14 or 15 years old. It’s just stuck with him throughout this entire time. I think we can all say we are waiting for what is to come next!

7 Rings

This past year Ariana Grande has been the none stop talk. From her newest album that dropped on August 20th 2018, “Sweetener”. The album went viral. You heard it everywhere you go. After the album title went down a bit Ariana was talked about again! This was because her and ex. Fiance Pete Davidson broke their engagement. Then if that wasn’t enough Ariana came out with a new song, “Thank You, Next”. Which has been non stop on the radio, Instagram captions, and number one on billboard for a long time.

This song got a lot of backlash because Ariana mentioned her ex boyfriends from over the years. Including Malcolm Miller the rapper who overdosed in September of 2018, for which Ariana has come out saying how sad and upset she was to hear about his death. Ariana also talks about Pete which raised a lot of attention. Many thought she was throwing shade at her ex’s. Ariana has come out many times saying how she does not mean anything personal to anyone, that it’s about her thanking all the people in her life. Not only was the song talked about but the music video which has, 282,050,687 views. If you want to read more information on “Sweetener”, and “Thank You, Next” read these,

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Thank you, Next By Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande dropped a new single called “Thank You, Next” on November 3rd 2018. There were some rumors that Ariana was going to drop a new song by the end of 2018 but she lead everyone to believe that was happening in late December. Well that was not true. The 25 year old just released a new album on August 17th 2018, so you can imagine how surprised everyone one was when she made yet another song. Her album sweetener was and still is very popular. If you want to read more about her latest album here is a link about that,

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