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West Clermont Wolves Winter Sports

West Clermont high school is starting their winter sports seasons up in Early November. The first West Clermont Wolves basketball season is gearing up and will begin in November, the boys and girls teams have already held tryouts and began to practice. Conditioning has been happening since late summer, Coach Mazzaro from previous Amelia high school is coaching the boys team and the girls Coach Jeff Click who is from Glen Este High School. The boys are having tryouts on Friday the 3rd. The girls season does not start until late November, but the girls have already had tryouts on October 27th.

The West Clermont Bowling is starting up on November 3rd. There are two coaches for this team. Those coaches are Kevin Briggs and Gary Stroop. There is a $250 fee to go with playing this sport.

Wrestling is also starting up soon the first meeting was on October 30th. There’s only one coach for wrestling this year which is Coach Redmond who is one of the health teachers at West Clermont High. There are two teams JV and Varsity. Practice start at 3:30 at West Clermont on November 3rd which is on a friday. Continue reading West Clermont Wolves Winter Sports

West Clermont Cheerleading Senior Night Photos

The West Clermont Senior Cheerleaders Night was on October 20th. There are 8 girls that were recognized on friday. Those girls are Emma Alsip, Abbey Gullet, Kendall Tucker, Lauren Kresser, Brianna Hamilton, Tara Redmond, Olivia Fahey, and Haley Uhl. These girls walked out with their families to hug the coaches and go in line with their team.

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Wolves Football Takes The Win Again!

Friday the 13th turned out to be a lucky night for the West Clermont Wolves, as they defeated the Loveland Tigers to extend their win loss record to 5-3! The varsity won 16-8 in a close game against the 1-7 Tigers.

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 9.01.46 PM
Photos by Melanie Schefft

“Winning is always a great reward for the long weeks of the season,” said Head Coach Nick Ayers. “We were disappointed in a few things.”

The Wolves were winning 7-0 through the third quarter after a Chayce Gambrell touchdown. “I thought the game was between two very similar teams,” said Ayers. “Both run a version of the Wing T and run similar defenses.”

The kicker for the Wolves made a season long 37 yard field goal in the 4th quarter to make the score 10-0. “I was very happy for Cameron Null, who made the kick,” added Coach Ayers. “We knew he was right around his range. He hit from 35 (yards) a few times in practice this week.” Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 9.02.09 PM

Loveland then responded with a touchdown and a 2-point conversion that made the score 10-8. The home crowd booed loudly after the officials gave the Tigers a touchdown call though most in the stands thought their player dropped the ball.

Junior Ryan Cann caught a 49 yard pass to help the Wolves take a 16-8 lead.  West Clermont ended up with 332 total yards, and the defense held Loveland to only 182 yards. According to the MaxPreps website, the attendance for the game was more than 5,000!

The Wolves next football game is coming up on October 20th. This is their final home game and senior night. “We are very happy for the kids and seniors to get the win before their senior week,” Ayers said. “The hard work has definitely paid off in close games.”

Splashing Into Season

West Clermont High School swim team is diving into its first-ever season starting in November when they get to take the plunge into the school’s brand new competition pool.

The swim team wants to get up to 50 people on the team this year, and that will include students down to 6th grade. There are no tryouts for the swim team, so everyone will make the team.

Swim team member Lily Wilfert said all you need to know is how to swim to make the team. Lily was on the Amelia swim team last year, so she has some experience. “I am very excited for the season and can’t wait to start a new chapter for West Clermont,” said Wilfert.

Tori Bell agrees. “I am very excited for the season to start up,” she said. Tori also added that she made great friends as a swimmer last year and can’t wait to make more this year. Her opinion is that the Wolves will “do great this year!”

There are two teams, one for varsity and one for junior Varsity (jv). The girls’ coach is Coach Bowling, a 7th grade teacher at West Clermont Middle School. She was a swimmer at a young age, so she has plenty of experience. The boys coach is Coach Mayne, and he is a choir teacher at the high school.

The Wolves first meet is November 21, but before that they will be working on getting into shape. Starting on October 23, the team will host three days of swim clinics (at a cost of $20 each) to help students work on stroke technique. The clinics start at 3:15 and will last until 4:30 at West Clermont High School. Continue reading Splashing Into Season

Wolves Football Is One Hot Ticket



Fresh off a big Homecoming win in front of a huge crowd, the West Clermont Wolves football team is off to a great start!

The stadium’s home-side stands were filled Friday night as the team beat Withrow High School 37-7. The bleachers were filled with recent graduates, older alumni, parents and grandparents. And everyone could hear the students in the student section howling away and supporting their team.

“The wolf pack is the best student section in the city” said James Collins, the athletic director for West Clermont High School. Mr. Collins also said that West Clermont has one of the best crowds at away games.img_0770

The attendance at the Wolves’ first football game drew the best crowd yet. Local media estimated the crowd at between 4,000 and 6,000. That night they won against Princeton 28-13, it was a very exciting game.

West Clermont has been having great attendance ever since that game. Even when they played Winton Woods in the pouring down rain, West Clermont fans still came out in their raincoats and rain boots to support the team. The Wolves ended up losing that game and the next game but they did win the last three games after that giving them a record of 4-2!

The Wolves recently had our first Homecoming game against Withrow High School. Collins estimated that they sold between 1100 and 1300 tickets, not including the season passes that run from 600 to 1000. The tickets were sold from Wednesday to Friday at school and also at the game Friday night. Continue reading Wolves Football Is One Hot Ticket



Game set match!

The West Clermont girls tennis team has been preparing for their season since early June when they went through tryouts called open courts. Their actual season did not start until August. The tennis teams include varsity and junior varsity players. There are 12 girls who make up both teams. That is seven on varsity and six on jv. This season, the team won a match against Western Brown 4-1, but it was the only win of the season so far. The tennis season for girls is almost over, but who says they can’t win their last game? Come support and cheer them on against Bethel on the 27th of September here at West Clermont High School!



Meet the team

These girls may not be winning every game, but they sure do have a very positive attitude about their team and supporting each other. “Even though we don’t always win, we still have a lot of fun,” said Deborah Ipinmoroti. Taylor Hogshead said that despite their record, they get a pretty good crowd at their matches. Molly Stockton said, “I enjoy the competition of the matches.” It also seems like the girls don’t just get along during playing time, they also are good friends and talk all the time. “The connection with everyone is like we are one big family,” said Hailey Thalheimer.