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Scotland Begins Effort To Stop Alcohol Issue

When you think of countries that are well known or notorious for their excessive alcohol use, the first one that comes to mind is Ireland. Right behind them would more than likely be Scotland, and interestingly but also luckily they plan on starting to try to kick this habit as it is growing into a major problem for the country as a whole. The leaders of the country do not like the “unhealthy” relationship with alcohol that they have and explain that drinking is seen as a joke or something to be proud of there, and believe that it is a bigger problem than most think and believe that something needs to be done about it soon as it shouldn’t stay that way much longer. So what has or what will the land of whiskey do to begin to kick this problem?

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Toronto Killer Charged With Seventh Murder

We’ve all heard of serial killers at some point before. Notorious for being psychologically off and taking the lives of others in cruel and foul ways for no real reason other than the fact that they want to, and becoming almost famous in a way from it. From their trials to their usually very messed up upbringings we learn a lot about these people thus becoming notorious. The zodiac killer, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Charles Manson and this list goes on of all of the names we’ve heard at least once before in our lives. These people at one point were all thought to be ordinary people just like us, and living secret lives of disgusting killings and terror that would take months and even years in some cases for someone to find about them. That what makes these people and their stories so terrifying yet interesting at the same time, they prove that you really just do not know about a lot of the people around you.

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Four Art Pieces Stolen From French Display

Vintage, classic, and historic art pieces are some of the most collectible and sacred items in the entire world. From now to back hundreds of years ago in the past art has always been loved and cherished everywhere. Small and abstract to very large scale and intricate, art is a beautiful and great thing that everyone can love and appreciate in all aspects. Shows, museums, classes, there are so many things surrounded by art and it is a great thing overall. With this though sadly, this means that most art is very expensive and valuable, which isn’t necessarily bad at all for the people who treat it correctly and the people who make careers and take the time to do this. But at the same time with that, there are people who do mistreat art.

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Grandson Of Charles Manson Claims Deceased Killer’s Remains

Everyone has more than likely heard the name Charles Manson at least once in their lives, as the man was one of the most notorious serial killers and cult leaders of all time. Before his passing in November of 2017, he was serving life in prison for the conspiracizing and killing of at least seven people. He was born right here in Cincinnati, Ohio and before his life of crime and killing he was actually a singer and songwriter. He started the cult known as the ‘Manson Family’ believing in and wanting to start mass race wars in the United States, and was responsible for multiple killings in a few short years. This would be the case until the late 60’s where he would be convicted for his crimes and be originally sentenced to death, but would end up being sentenced to spend life in maximum security prisons and protective housing units in California.

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China’s Censorship Grows Amid Possible Lifelong Leadership

So it goes without saying that China has a lot of interesting things happening right now with their country and government. As of the past few weeks word has been let out that leader Xi Jinping may be in office indefinitely due to the possibility of presidential term limits being dropped totally, and the country as a whole has just gone ballistic with their use of censorship recently because of it. People are already calling this ‘The Great Firewall Of China’. And it probably won’t end anytime soon, this is more than likely just the beginning and who knows when this might start to calm down over there.

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Are World Leaders Encouraging Hate?

In today’s world, we know conflict and hate just as well as we know the back of our own hands, as it is possible to come from anything and everything around us. Social issues are huge as always, and there are people out there believing that this is beginning to stem from our world leaders. Of course this is merely opinion, but there is more and more speculation on this subject every day. In a world that is already full of hate, how could our world leaders be fueling the fire? Why would they be making these issues worse? And what kind of consequences will the world face because of this?

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Fear of Another Mount St. Helens Eruption

Almost 40 years after the disastrous and deadly eruption of Mount St. Helens on May 18th, 1980 in the state of Washington killing 57 and leaving $1.1 billion in damages after leveling over 250 homes, it is feared that the volcano may again erupt. Recently an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.2 struck Alaska and has triggered tsunami warnings across its coasts, and it is feared that it will awaken Mount St. Helens with the mountains threat level already being described as “very high” and shockwaves running through the northwestern United States.

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Does Rodman Have The Answers?

Well known by everybody, the country of North Korea and it’s leader Kim Jong Un aren’t the United States’ best friends. In fact, very much the opposite of that. The tensions between our country and government along with theirs continually grows and grows and has been doing so for decades under numerous leaders. Never have we been at close ties with them and we probably never will, and now is the worst it’s ever been. With our president being as ruthless as ever, never holding any words or threats back and North Korea always despising us. Nobody really knows what to do to make this issue the slightest bit better let alone solve it completely, except for one possible person you wouldn’t at all believe.

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The Possible Problems With Media

For a very long time now and especially in this last year, a lot of people are making efforts to tackle media outlets in accusations of spreading lies and “fake news”. From famous celebrities to full media outlets, and even our own president more than anyone wants this problem to be fully dealt with. The issue is becoming more and more prevalent every day with the help of social media and other people or outlets spreading things like wildfire whenever they can, and this factor can be both great and horrible in their own ways.
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Could There Be Life On This Newly Discovered Planet?

The possibility of life outside of Earth is pretty much endless. Even though we’ve been searching for a long time now, we’ve barely broken the plain with there being literally billions of galaxies out there. We barely understand 1% of our solar system let alone other galaxies. Over fifty years of exploration and we only are aware of and understand 1%, possibly less. With that however we have done a lot and discovered a lot in these years that we would not at all know about otherwise. The newest possible discovery could be the biggest one yet, of course concerning possible life outside of Earth.

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