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Kentucky Derby 2019

The annual first Saturday in May came around over the weekend and with it was the Kentucky Derby. The Derby itself got started out to a rainy, muddy race day but riders prevailed. The first race in the run for the Triple Crown is always highly anticipated and competitive but this year saw something that has never happened in race history. The winner of the most famous horse race in the world was disqualified after a 22 minute debate by stewards. Continue reading Kentucky Derby 2019

Avengers: Endgame Recap

The continuation of Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War came on April 26th with the release of the much awaited and anticipated Avengers: Endgame. Fans of the MCU have been left hanging since April of last year for the answers to so many questions. Are many of their favorite characters still alive? If so, can they be brought back? Who was Nick Fury paging at the end of the movie? Some answers were given with the release of both Captain Marvel and Ant Man and the Wasp but a lot is still left up in the air. Continue reading Avengers: Endgame Recap

Kanye’s Easter Sunday Service

On Easter Sunday morning 2019, Kanye West performed his much anticipated Sunday Service in front of over 50,000 fans. West sat atop a man made mountain at California’s famous Coachella music festival, accompanying him were numerous famous faces in pop culture including Chance the Rapper, Teyana Taylor, Kid Cudi, DMX and 2 Chainz just to name a few. West also brought along a massive gospel choir and a full band. Continue reading Kanye’s Easter Sunday Service

Notre Dame Cathedral Catches Fire

Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris begun construction in 1163 and is the most visited monument in all of France. Nearly 12 million natives and visitors walk through the church each year. From the stong gargolyles to the stained glass Notre is one of the truly great architectual masterpieces in the world. A literal and figurative center of the city, Notre Dame’s significance and maning for the city of Paris and the world is immeasurable. Continue reading Notre Dame Cathedral Catches Fire

Opening Day

The start of the 2019 Reds season mark’s many notable events. The first being that this year is the 150th season for the Reds, and for major league baseball, dating back to 1869. To commemorate a century in a half of Reds and major league baseball history in just about six months won’t be easy. Owner Bob Castellini has planned many things but the most notable will be the 15 retro uniforms the team will don throughout the season. From the Red Stockings days, to the Redlegs era and all the way up to present day uniforms the Reds will certainly be the best dressed team this year. Continue reading Opening Day

National Emergecy

Last week President Trump declared a national emergency on the southern border to insure that he would get the billions of dollars in funding needed for his long awaited border wall. This Friday, House Democrats will initiate action to try and block the emergency declaration. They believe that the declaration is an overreach of the President’s power, and it the national emergency should be cancelled.

Continue reading National Emergecy

Super Bowl LIII Recap

The most watched event of the year was this past Sunday as the New England Patriots faced off against the Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl in Atlanta, GA. The game kicked off at 6:30 with the Patriots to receive the ball, as the Rams deferred after winning the toss. The Pats first drive starts out strong with a first down but then on Brady’s first throw of the day he threw a short interception to Littleton, this was his first interception on the first pass of a game in the postseason ever. The Rams first drive was weak, with a 3 and out and the first punt of many for the Rams. The Patriots gain some momentum from Edelman and get to field goal range. Gostkowski misses the short field goal, which was his second only on the season. The rest of the quarter proved to be very uneventful and the game stood at 0-0 when the time ran out. Continue reading Super Bowl LIII Recap

Pro Bowl Recap

On Sunday January 27th, the NFL held the 68th annual Pro Bowl, a matchup between the all stars of league’s two conferences the AFC and the NFC. Leading up to the game the teams held multiple skills contests between the best of the best including best hands, precision passing, and a game of dodgeball. The game and contests were held in “sunny” Florida but the Orlando weather treated them to anything but that as kickoff was at 55 degrees and rainy. Continue reading Pro Bowl Recap

Tesla Breaks Ground on Gigafactory 3

Elon Musk’s multibillion dollar company, Tesla, opened up their 3rd and largest. Gigafactory in Shanghai Lingang Industrial Zone on January 6th. It’s their first factory outside of the US and will amount to roughly 9.3-million square feet. The factory, when completed, will manufacture batteries for the cars and the cars themselves. Footage has recently surfaced showing that ground has already been broke as heavy machinery is being moved in.   Continue reading Tesla Breaks Ground on Gigafactory 3