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Young Uprising Actors and Actresses

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     We all watch movies and TV shows with young Actors and Actresses. Like for example Stranger Things, IT chapter 1, and I Am Not Okay With This, and IT Chapter Two. Here are some of the most popular rising young stars:

Zika virus

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What is the Zika Virus?

The Zika virus is an arthropod-borne virus that is spread through a bite of an infected mosquito. This virus comes mostly from yellow fever mosquitoes that are found in tropical climates, including southern United States. The Zika virus is more of a danger to pregnant women because if you get the Zika virus while you are pregnant then it can cause birth defects. One major birth defect is very small heads.  

Top 4 underrated conspiracy Theories

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We all love hearing about Conspiracies. Especially the ones that are crazy and some people couldn’t believe. If you do not know what Conspiracy Theories are then I will tell you. Conspiracy Theories are beliefs that people say are influenced by an organization for a circumstance or an event. Here are some of the most popular conspiracies:

What Stresses teens out/ and How teens deal with stress

We are all in high school or were in high school one time in life. School, life, and working can put so much stress on a student. Stress levels have increased greatly in recent years, and people are wondering how to cope. I am here to tell you why stress has risen and how students are dealing with the stress in their lives. 

According to studies, stress has risen 44 percent in the last five years due to worries about money, work, school and anything that deals with the economy. Stress is taking a toll on kids due to school. Almost a third of children have reported that they have experienced physical health symptoms such as headaches, stomach aches, trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Parents claim that their stress has no impact on their children or that their stress is affecting their kids, but their stress does affect their kids some of the time. Only 14 percent  of kids claim that their parents’ stress doesn’t affect them or impact them. 


Recent studies show that students in high school experience more stress during the school week and prefer to release their stress during the weekends by hanging with friends or family or by being alone and just thinking about what they should do to help themselves at school or work. When students are stressed they tend not to eat and they do not sleep. Also they are more shut off from their friends and family and talk less. Teens deal with a lot of stress and they do have some ways to deal with stress. 

Key cub

Key Club is an after school program for students who want to get service hours and want to help around the community. I interviewed one of the members of key club her name is Kimberely Cerecero and here is what she said:

1. What activities does Key club do?

“Key club helps the community as well as other parts of the world in community service and various activities in school and helps raise money for certain causes.”

2. How many meetings have you had for key club and what do you guys talk about during these meetings?

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“Key club has 2 meetings per month and we talk about new opportunities to help out and coordinate times with everyone’s schedule as well as events that are coming up.”

3. What is your favorite part of key club?

“My favorite part would be the feeling when you finish an activity and knowing you helped out even if it was small. The feeling of knowing you did something to help others leaves you feeling happy”. 

4. What has been your favorite thing you have done for Key Club?

“My favorite thing we’ve done so far would be making cookie jars for Eastgate village during the Thanksgiving season.”

5. What does Key Club mean to you? 

“Key club means helping others with nothing but happiness in return.”

6. Why did you join key club in the first place?

“I joined key club because I enjoy being able to help others as much as I can. I have done volunteer work every now and then before joining key club and helping out others has always been something I’ve been interested in.”

7. Biggest thing you think you have accomplished in key club?

“The biggest thing we have accomplished in key club would be making lots of blankets for a homeless shelter and donating them.”

8. How many students are in key club? 

“About 30-40 students joined key club”

9. How does Key Club affect you?

“Key club affects me by giving me a different perspective on everything. It makes me realize how blessed I am in all different aspects of my life and how I can use that to help others as well.”

10. Does Key club make you think of the community different?

“It makes me see the community different by showing how many people are kind and selfless. When we join together to help others it’s leaving an impact in other people’s lives.”

The Bachelor Starts Again

The Bachelor is a Reality Show filled with drama, love and sometimes hate. The theme of the Bachelor is to have the guy finds the love of his life from picking through 30 girls. That he will meet and get to know them through dates and one on one time with all of the girls who either he finds interest in or if they win a date with him. The 24th season just came out on January 6, 2020.


 The new season is set in Agoura Hills, in the Bachelor Mansion. The Bachelor this season is Peter Weber, he is a 28 year old commercial pilot for Delta Air lines. There are 30 girls this season are: Victoria P, Victoria F, Tammy L, Sydney H, Shiann L, Savannah M, Sarah C, Natasha P, Mykenna D, Madison P, Lexi B, Kiarra N, Kelsey W, Kelley F, Jasmine N, Hannah Ann S, Deandre K, Alexa C, Alayah B, Payton M, Lauren J, Megan H, Maurissa G, Kylie R, Katrina B, Jenna S, Jade M, Eunice C, Avonlea E, Hannah B. There are two episodes out already for this season. 

Top 3 BuzzFeed Unsolved Videos

If you love learning about true crime and learning about unsolved mysteries, then these videos are the best choice for you to watch. These videos are on Amazon Prime and on Buzzfeeds youtube channel. The two people who tell you about the unsolved crimes their names are Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara. Ryan and Shane sit down with evidence and show you pictures of the timeline the crimes has happened and how the crimes happen and they tell you theories about what people believe what actually happened backed up with evidence to prove the theories could have actually been an answer. 

Here are some of the most popular and interesting Buzzfeeds unsolved: 

  1. The Creepy Murder in Room 1046: This is Episode 6 season 2 on buzzfeed: True crime, This video is about a murder of Rolan T. Owen, that happened in a hotel room, but no one saw anyone come in or out of the hotel room. January 3 1935, The hotel maid Mary Soptic went to stop by his room to clean it but found his door to be locked from the inside, so she went into the room to see owen in his room and asked her to keep the door unlocked he had a visitor coming later so she did, then later that day she went back up to Owens room to see Owen sitting on his bed with barely any light coming and then he picked up the phone and was on the phone with someone saying ¨No I am not hungry¨ he said that a couple of times then he started asking her a bunch of questions about her job, then Mary left, then later that week the bellboy got a call saying that the phone in room 1046 has been unhooked from the wall for a very long time, so he goes to check on Roland and finds Roland laying in his bed with his head split open and that he was dead.  If you want to learn more click here  To continue reading more about these top crimes click page 2 below.

Varsity girls basketball

Willa Davis

1. What is the hardest thing you guys do in practice? Probably our screen series drill because it requires a lot of movement and knowing your spots and position to be in as well as communication.

2. Who are you most excited to play and why? Milford and Ursuline because girls from my AAU team play on those teams.

3. What is your favorite thing about basketball and why? The adrenaline i get from it and the way i can think and see things because it makes me like it so much more .

4. Who on the team pushes you the hardest? Probably Courtney because she is normally who i guard and she is a very aggressive and well skilled player so she’s good competition.

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5. What types of drills do you guys do in the practice? A lot of drills to do with our offense and screen and roll things as well as defensive drills to help with our communication and movement on the floor.

Willa and her teammate Katlin Howe

Rapha International

  Rapha house is international safe house for children who have been sold into sex trafficking all around the world. There mission is to try and stop sex trafficking all around the world. Rapha house knows as Rahpa International now because they have saved a bunch of children from sex trafficking and bringing them to the safe house all around the world. 

Rapha house was founded by Stephanie Garman Freed, Stephanie founded Rapha International in 2003. Her father challenged her to research the issue of Human Trafficking in Battambang Cambodia. 15 years later after her research Rapha International became a safe house for children survivors of Human trafficking.

This is Stephanie Garman Freed the CEO, this is posted on Rapha’s website