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Book Review: Snowflower and the Secret Fan

1103In 2005 Lisa See created a riveting novel that won all of our hearts. I can honestly say it was one of the best novels i have had the pleasure of reading. This captivating story had me locked in, I found myself learning about a whole different world and I was speechless. Continue reading Book Review: Snowflower and the Secret Fan

Is A Chemical Peel Right For You?

chemical-peelWho doesn’t want luminous, youthful looking skin? We are all searching for the next best way to achieve glass like skin. Since the 1990s people have been using chemical peels offered by dermatologists. The procedure is meant to remove the top layer of skin and  resurface it by the use of different chemicals that are applied to the skin directly. When chemical peels were first introduced they stripped the skin and left it feeling raw, but as dermatologist developed the chemicals more closely we can notice how it leaves the skin feeling fresh, soft, and youthful. Continue reading Is A Chemical Peel Right For You?

How To: Achieve The Perfect Spray Tan!

giphy.gifWhen some of us hear spray tan our minds usually travel to the Friends episode where Ross has a complete catastrophe and is tanned multiple times on one side because he forgot to turn. But I can reassure you that whether its a actual person applying the tan or your in a booth, you will always be reminded to turn! I’m sure we all can agree that we also have a fear of coming out looking like a orange, we all have seen some pretty horrific spray tans! But I can assure you that if you follow these pre-tan and after-tan tips you will come out looking like a gold goddess or god! Continue reading How To: Achieve The Perfect Spray Tan!

How To Restore Moisture In Your Skin!

Spring please come to Ohio at full force! I know this may seem crazy to think about since your allergies will be all out of whack, but to be honest with you I would rather have puffy eyes then have my skin dry! Ever since I was younger I have always applied lotions like it was nobody’s business! I still continue this in my everyday life, but during the seasons changes, and especially during the colder month my skin is extremely dry! It feels almost as if it beyond repair! I have noticed that on my hands especially my skin will get super dry, and even crack. I have now dedicated my time towards finding the best moisturizing tips and ways to prevent my skin from getting even drier! Continue reading How To Restore Moisture In Your Skin!

5 Makeup Hacks That Will Change Your Life!

For most makeup lovers, makeup is a form of expression. It’s not about “wearing a mask”, it’s an art form. We all are familiar with the latest makeup trends, some are useful, and some are just too silly to even be real. For example, using a kitchen knife as a guide for contouring, or using a shoe to blend out your foundation! I know we all have seen it all! Continue reading 5 Makeup Hacks That Will Change Your Life!

How To Achieve A Brighter Smile!

We all can agree that we want that perfect white smile! But honestly achieving the pearly whites can be quite costly, whether its spending money on going to dentist regularly for whitenings/bleachings, or at-home teeth whitening kits. Honestly at-home teeth whitening kits are not only costly, but they can be abrasive against your enamel. I wanted to find natural, cost-efficient ways to achieve the best smile!  Continue reading How To Achieve A Brighter Smile!

DIY: All Natural Face Masks!

Looking beautiful, beautifulSkincare is one of the best ways to truly take care of yourself, obviously mental and physical health are just as important. But after a long, exhausting day, it feels so refreshing to take your favorite cleanser and wash away the days worries. How about when you decided to stay in on a Saturday night? Either by yourself or surrounded by your best friends you relax and unwind with the magic of a face mask. As a society we have grown to love and even become obsessed with the newest skincare products, the newest skincare trends, and the newest ways to achieve a ¨glass¨ like skin. But sometimes we have to get back to basics. Continue reading DIY: All Natural Face Masks!

5 Hacks For The Girls Who Love To Be A Little Lazy!

If you are like me, I do anything to get a couple more extra minutes of sleep. When I wake up in the morning I always take a “two minute power nap”, and I swear to myself that I’m actually getting more sleep, and honestly that satisfies me. I always go towards the comfy route, with a nice pair of comfortable sweatpants, and a cozy hoodie. But I have gather up some hacks for the girls and boys who want to dress comfortable, get that “two minute power nap” in, but still look presentable.

Continue reading 5 Hacks For The Girls Who Love To Be A Little Lazy!

How To Achieve Luscious Locks!

Taking care of your hair is essential to creating luscious locks! By taking special care and attention to your hair you can really improve the natural body and texture of your hair. Once you develop a hair care routine you find yourself protecting your hair from excessive hair-loss which over time could lead to an excessive amount of damage. You can make the biggest impact just by changing a few things in your everyday life!

Continue reading How To Achieve Luscious Locks!

Understanding Your Undertone And What It Means

Image result for girl smiling in the mirrorOne of the most essential factors to a seamless makeup application, is understanding your skin completely, and to understand your skin, you need to understand your undertone. Some people love a more natural makeup application, and to achieve that look, understanding your undertone is your key to finding your perfect foundation, concealer, and bronzer shade! Continue reading Understanding Your Undertone And What It Means