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Epidermolysis Bullosa: A Boy’s Life Changed Forever

skin-layersOur skin is our protective layer from outside forces, it’s constantly growing, and adapting. Most of us can’t imagine not having this security blanket around us at all times, but for a 7-year old boy that became his reality. He lost most of skin due to a rare genetic skin disease, Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) is when your skin blisters and tears off at the touch. Epidermolysis Bullosa is often fatal in most cases. Continue reading Epidermolysis Bullosa: A Boy’s Life Changed Forever

Book Review: “Say No To The Bro”

Image result for say no to the broBook Review: “Say No To The Bro”

“Say No To The Bro”, by Kat Helgeson is a recent young adult novel  published earlier this year! This is her first published book that she has written alone. She has worked with Hannah Moskowitz, and they together wrote “Gena/Finn”.   Continue reading Book Review: “Say No To The Bro”

New York City Flexes It’s “Mussels”

poop3b-2-webNew York City has some of the most grimy and grubby waterways, swarming in “runoff from wastewater treatment plants” and cigarettes.With the waters being so mucky, it is nearly impossible for water life to survive. Water plants and fish can’t thrive because of algae, the algae is eating up most of the oxygen; which causes the waterlife to deplete. Algae is mostly found in fresh bodies of water, and is described to be a greenish-yellowish color.  Continue reading New York City Flexes It’s “Mussels”

The Destruction Of Our Great Lakes

3e53314777A very important question everybody has been asking is ,“why are our Great Lakes drying up so quickly?” For years we have been told the reason for that being we “global warming” or some sort of climate change. What if that isn’t true? What if the reason all of our Great Lakes are drying up is because of us. Scientist are now discovering the problem the drying up the lakes are because of humans.  More than 170 years of water records, and comparing these records to the amount of flowing of water has shown us that, the amount of consumption of freshwater is what could be to blame for Utah’s Great Lake. Continue reading The Destruction Of Our Great Lakes

Madagascar Plague: Spreading Rapidly

In twenty-seven of the one hundred and fourteen districts of Madagascar, has experience over 600 infected people and leaving 57 dead. Madagascar sadly experiences over 400 plagues each year, which are usually spread by infected fleas or bodily fluids.  But, this unquenchable outbreak has been different from most, because of the pneumonic plague. This plague is air born, and when infected individual’s cough they can infect others. When left untreated, it is a fatal outcome. Continue reading Madagascar Plague: Spreading Rapidly

Lady Gaga: Five Foot Two

Image result for lady gaga five foot twoGaga: Five Foot Two, shows a new up close and personal side that we have never seen before. We get a glimpse into how she prepared for her iconic 2017 super bowl halftime performance. As well as how Gaga wanted to come out with a bang, and give her audience exactly what they weren’t expecting.  But we also get a chance to see the undeniable beautiful meaning behind Joanne.  Gaga goes to visit her grandma and look at some memorabilia of her late aunt Joanne Stefani Germanotta. During the visit we got a chance to see some of Joanne’s poetry, and drawings. Gaga even commented how talented she was. But sadly, her aunt Joanne passed away because of lupus at the age of 19. Gaga’s new album took an emotional toll on her and her family, when she dug deep to create a glorious piece to remember Joanne.  Continue reading Lady Gaga: Five Foot Two