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After the traumatizing mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida there has been an uprising in students nationwide to stand up against the United States current gun laws. With 17 left dead there has been a realization amongst more than in the past, and the student survivors plan to take it to those in charge to make a change to better prevent and protect themselves and others in the future,


Students across the nation are calling for a walkout during school as way to draw attention to the issue at hand, but those from the Florida school are tackling it head on by marching in the state capital to pressure lawmakers to finally take action on gun control. After their march they are expected to meet with legislators. Just hours before congress rejected a ban on assault rifles like those used to murder 17 and terrify millions, 100 students arrived in Tallahassee prepared to put up a fight. This is the first youth led protest since the shooting, and across Florida on Wednesday students walked out of their classroom to stand with those lives lost.

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Nintindo Switch, Nintindo’s Biggest Success Since the Wii?

Nintendo is notable for their many achievements as a franchise, whether it be one of their many successful series like The Legend Of Zelda, Mario, and Pokemon, or their game consoles, the Japanese brand is a household name.

The brand made their first big hit with the NES 1985, and then in 1989 they revolutionized portable play with the Game Boy that sold nearly 120 units, then continuing on with the Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Gamecube, and even returning back to make adjustments with the Game Boy Advance and Gameboy Color. Nintendo kept up against competitors like XBox and Playstation, and their sales never dropped, especially with the release of the DS in 2004 and Wii in 2006. Since those releases the 3DS, as well as the Wii U have made their way into millions of households, but now there is a new addition to the Nintendo family

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Connecticut Shooting

Nearly five years ago a tragic event occurred when 20 year old Adam Lanza opened fire on on Sandy Hook Elementary, killing 20 first grade students all ages six to seven, along with 6 staff members in the Newtown Connecticut district. Before going to the school Lanza had murdered his mother, and took his own life after first responders arrived at the scene. Lanza had single handedly committed the most deadly mass shooting at a school building in U.S. history. The event opened up a large discussion on gun control in the united states, in turn many families of the victims took to court against major gun producers. In 2016 many lawsuits were dismissed, but now the families have taken the suit to the Supreme Court to receive justice for the unlawful deaths of their loved ones.

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First Dance of WC!

This weekend West Clermont’s very own dance company performed their first showcase for the school, Meet the Company! Composed of 79 very talented dancers the company will be gaining around 23 more dedicated performers after this season after fall sports wraps up. The auditorium seats were filled and there much anticipation by students, teachers and all of those involved in the work put into the show. Practicing since school started every Tuesday and Thursday after school till 6:30, the dancers have been widely dedicated to perfecting their movements to the best of their ability, with the guidance of Ms Erwin.

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Homecoming Hype

The homecoming scramble has begun! Last minute proposals, setting dinner plans, girls deciding where they are getting ready, who all is in the group, where photos are being taken, setting up hair and makeup appointments, color coordinating with your date, arranging rides and looking for dresses. Hoping they have your size in the style you like. Anxiety and excitement building as the night nears closer, and everything settles itself into place.

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