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Deadly Air Pollution in New Delhi

The rapidly worsening air pollution in New Delhi is causing a total of 1.1 million people to die prematurely each year. A new study of air pollution is showing that this is the deadliest in the world, passing China now. This toxic cloud of pollution has fallen on India’s capital causing headaches, coughs, delaying flights and trains, and even taking the step of closing schools for around a week.

The pollution lately has been alarming and is considered 30 times what the World Health Organization says is safe. Even if you have air filters in your house, that chemical smell still lingers and finds its way in. The air irritates the throat and tastes smoky with the smell of paint. Many people feel sick all day. The smog is so heavy and thick that drivers can’t see in front of them causing highway pileups and serious accidents. The smog is from a combination vehicle emissions, smoke from crops burning on farms nearby, and also industrial pollution. The smog looks like a mixture of fog and white smoke. The cold weather at this time of the year packs in the smog making it even worse and even harder to breathe.

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Donations for Patchy

On Sunday morning, there was the news that 13 year old Patrick Barkey had died in the result of a collision that happened Saturday night in Union Township. Patrick was a student at West Clermont Middle School in the 8th grade. He was also very involved in baseball and played for a select team called the Tealtown Dolphins. Patrick, also known as “Patchy” was a fun loving kid and a big ball of energy, he could always bring a smile to someone’s face. Nick Charles, who was Patrick’s baseball coach after being interviewed said, “I love all these kids,” Charles said. “These kids are great. They all love Patrick. They love Patrick’s family. And we were just close-knit, and it’s going to be hard to move on. But somehow we’re going to have to fight, and we’re going to do it for Patrick. We’re going to honor Patrick next year. It’s going to be the year for Pat.”

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Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week began after the murder of DEA agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena who was kidnapped and tortured in 1985. They also kidnapped his pilot Alfredo Zavala-Avelar. Camarena had been working undercover for 4 years in Guadalajara, Mexico. His works led to the discovery of a multi-million dollar narcotics operation in Chihuahua, Mexico. After the men were found dead, friends and neighbors began to wear red ribbons in his honor. The ribbon symbolizes prevention of drug use in order to reduce the demand of illegal drugs. When he wanted to join the Drug Enforcement Administration his mother tried to talk him out of it but he said, “I’m only one person but I want to make a difference.” 

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Blink light show

Over this past weekend one of the largest light shows in the nation took place in downtown Cincinnati. This four day event featured murals, urban landscapes, large scale projections, and interactive art over the span of 20 blocks in downtown Cincinnati from the banks to Findlay market.

The creators of Blink were amazed at the turnout and the number of people that attended. Dan Reynolds described the experience as unbelievable. There was an estimated amount of 1 million people who came out to the show. Sitting buses were packed to the brim with people, shoulder to shoulder. An uber driver stated that over the span of the 16 years he’s been driving he’s never seen so many people downtown before. Blink got people out to explore places that they’ve never seen before and it was an overall celebration for Cincinnati.

The overall theme of all the artwork was togetherness, although it also brought people together downtown. There were people of all backgrounds who came together this weekend. There were a number of different types of artwork, from murals to light shows to interactive works. Blink would literally stop you in your tracks and leave you in awe with what you are looking at.

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Fun Fall Festivities to do in Ohio

If you’re just laying around the house feeling bored pondering what you can do, here are some fun inexpensive things you can go out and do with your friends or family!

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October 12 / 15 – You can attend one of the biggest light shows called BLINK which is being held across 22 blocks of Cincinnati in Over-the-Rhine.

September 13 / October 15 – Attend Broadway in Cincinnati’s Wicked at the Aronoff Center. Wicked is Broadways biggest blockbuster

September 22 / October 28 – This one is a little pricey but if you’re looking for something spooky to do you can go to Halloween Haunt on Fridays and Saturdays at Kings Island.

October Saturdays – From 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm in Clarksville Ohio you can go to the Lantern Light Wagon Ride for a family friendly ghost tour! Travel this historical farm for only $14 per person.

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Homecoming: date or no date?

When going to homecoming there’s always that question, would it be better to go with a date or just a group of friends? And whenever you ask people their personal opinions, there’s always a mix of what the answer is. So what is better, going with a date or going without a date?

No date

Going with no date means you don’t have to worry about being asked or asking anyone, it’s just you and your friends so there’s no fiasco of trying to match your dates clothing either. You get to go with your friends and have a good time and get to goof around all you want. You can have a  drama and jealousy free night on the dance floor if you or your date dance with someone else throughout the night because you don’t have one! Get out there and dance with whoever you want!

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Blood farming in India

Imagine being strapped up to a bed against your will, captive in sheds on farmland nearby the India-Nepal border with your blood being drained from your body. You’re too weak to protest or put up a fight and all of this is for the purpose of cash.

Blood farming is a growing health and human rights issue that is very common in India. This practice is highly illegal and revolves around human beings being treated like dairy cattle on an industrial farm. These individuals though however, instead of milk, are drained of their blood cruelly. It is then sold on the black market and is used for a wide range of medical purposes. Blood farming is just one of the variables of the international black market that sells fluids and tissues from the human body. According to a study in 2013, organ trafficking is a big profitable business making between $600 million and $1.2 billion in total annually.

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