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How Has COVID-19 Has Effected west clermont high scholl

COVID-19 has made big changes to the world since the major outbreak back in March. Restaurants, stores, professional sports are among the closed. Thousands of people throughout the country have gotten laid off because of the fear of COVID taking over. This caused many people to file for unemployment, which in turn led to the government giving out millions of dollars within the past 6 months. This has changed our country in major ways, but how has COVID-19 changed the way students at West Clermont High School are learning today?

West Clermont High School Students Hannah Faith, A.J. Gillespie, and Chloe Robinson

Why Bill Belichick Is An Elite Coach

Bill Belichick is already known as a great coach. He lead the Patriots to the playoffs for 11 years straight. He coached arguably the greatest quarterback in NFL history in Tom Brady. He led them to a perfect 16 – 0 season. Bill has been an outstanding coach and leader for the Patriots these past years. But what Bill Belichick did this past weekend, might make him go down as an elite coach and one of the best in history.

Bill Belichick, New England Patriot’s Head Coach

We all know that Bill Belichick is known for finding the players that have great talent. He did so in Tom Brady, Julian Eldemen, Stephan Gilmore, etc. He has always gone above and beyond in finding the right talent for the team. But with that being said, he may have just out done himself this past weekend.

Instead of going to the combine in Indianapolis like a lot of the other coaches and recruiters, Bill had different plans. Bill had not gone to the combine in Indianapolis, but

Bill Belichick and Tyshun Render

instead headed over to Tennessee to look at an unknown, low projected DE/OLB Tyshun Render. I guess you can say that Bill saw something in Tyshun, because with these new pictures spreading over social media, you can see a 67 year old Bill Belichick, standing in the freezing rain, putting this Tyshun Render through the gauntlet.

Tyshun Render, Middle Tennessee DE/OLB


Needles to say, Bill Belichick is not just an amazing in season coach, He does a lot in the off-season too. He puts in the extra time and effort that most coaches don’t, to find that one special addition to the team. This is why Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots, will go down as the best coach in NFL history.

Taal Volcano Erupts In Philippines

This past Sunday, the city of Manila was told to evacuate immediately after their thought to be dormant volcano, Taal erupted. The capital of the Philippines, Manila and other little cities surrounding it is consisted of roughly a million people. All of the people were expected to evacuate from their houses, leaving everything in the path of the volcanoes eruption.


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Greatest Test of Trumps Presidency

Through his presidency, Trump has had many test that he had to pass. From the democrats trying to impeach him, to getting bashed for being racist. But this is his 694940094001_6119774804001_6119783524001-vsgreatest test by far. Only a select few presidents have had to deal with war. President Trump has the greatest power in the palm of his hand.

He could just do what everyone wants Trump to do, which is make mistakes and prove to his haters that he isn’t a good president. But with the upmost surprise, President Trump has handled this really well.

Trump didn’t fall to the standards that everyone has set for him. He rose up and made the decisions which were in America’s best interest.

Since December of 2018, Iran and their leaders have verbally attacked the U.S. and physically attacked American Military Bases in Iraq. Iranian military leader Qasem_110433521_iraq_military_base_640-ncSoleimani has been to blame for the death of over 600+ U.S. troops.

On January 3rd,  When Qasem Soleimani  was with a terrorist group in Baghdad, Trump gave the clear for the U.S. military to send drone strikes and killing the military leader.

When President Trump went public with the news of the death of Qasem Soleimani, the nation erupted. From the democrates calling Trump a murder, to kids making World War III Jokes on Tik Tok. This was all the world was talking about.

Shortly following the death or their military leader, On Tuesday night, Iran launched 10 missiles on American basses in Iraq. No Americans were injured in the attack as they all reached underground bunkers in time.


The next morning, President Trump held a press conference on the issue. Trump downplayed the attack and ensured that there are no threats with the country of Iran. We currently are watching Iran closely, but are not expecting any more attacks.


Myles Garrett Suspension

This past Thursday on “Thursday Night Football”, one of the most outrageous actions out of a single-player occurred. Cleveland’s star defensive end Myles Garrett got into a heated brawl with the Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph. To say it was just a heated brawl is an understatement. We might have seen the first-ever, on-field crime. Before the fight occurred, Myles Garrett had an amazing backfield sack on Mason


Rudolph. Mason then proceeded to try

and rip Myles Garrett’s helmet off. This

escalated very quickly. After Mason

Rudolph tried to rip Myles Garrett’s

helmet off, Myles Garrett got heated and

proceeded to push around Rudolph.


Once they stood up, Myles Garrett flipped the script and pulled off Mason Rudolph’s IEWDZG4JGZE4TF2LR6XG4MYGW4helmet. By this time multiple Steeler’s linemen rushed and grabbed Myles Garrett. But it was too late, Garrett had already pulled the helmet off and proceeded to bash it against Rudolph’s head. Myles Garrett used a helmet as a weapon. Multiple ESPN analysts like Stephen A. Smith, says that Myles Garrett should be arrested. This could have been the first-ever assault with a deadly weapon that has been televised on the NFL. Needless to say, Myles Garrett was ejected from the game, and now we are waiting on the punishment that is going to be received by Myles Garrett.

1 Shot and 1 Stabbed In Shooting At Batavia Apartments

This past Thursday there was a shooting at an apartment complex in Batavia. A witness called about gun shots in the complex after hearing multiple people arguing. The Sheriff department received the call at 2:34 a.m. and by the time the deputies arrived on scene at 2:41 a.m. all the suspects involved had fled the area. Allegedly, the altercation was over drugs. Supposedly the two injured were trying to steal the drugs.


Later that morning, there were two young males who reported into the E.R. with one stab wound to the neck [James A. Ciminillo, 21] and one with multiple gun shots to the arm and back. [Dominic Richey, 18] Both James and Dominic are listed as stable and are expected to survive their injuries.

Police have arrested 18 year old, Noal E. Garrett for the shooting and stabbing of James


and Dominic. The arrest of Garret took place later that evening and has a hearing scheduled for 10:00 a.m. Friday. Noal is being charged with on county of felonious assault and the court is looking for more charges against him.

*The police ask that if you have any information about the situation, to contact them immediately*

Elon Musk Wants To Implant A Chip In Your Brain

We all know the multi-billionaire, Elon Musk. Elon Musk is a great businessman who owns one of the biggest car companies in the world. Tesla has made the most econ friendly and most advanced cars in the past 10 years. Elon has always wanted to innovate the world as we know it and make it better for everyone living on it. Continue reading Elon Musk Wants To Implant A Chip In Your Brain

Apple Announces The New Iphone 11

For a long time, Apple has been at the top of the phone game. But for the past few years they have been getting heat from consumers about their past releases. The Iphone X, XR, XS, and XS Max have all been roughly the same phone and the community knows it. Although, Apple has been getting backlash from consumers, the release of the Iphone 11 has potential to turn the bad reviews around.

apple_iphone-11-pro_colorsBefore the release of the “new and improved” Iphone 11, Apple let a select few test the phone and give feedback. This turned out to be a great idea! The reviews on the Iphone 11 have been the best in recent years. Social Media has been making the release of the Iphone 11 more and more popular, by making memes of the cameras on the back. Whether it was intentional or not, adding the multiple cameras on the back of the phone was a great marketing idea from Apple.

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