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Procrastination is a huge problem any student or everyday person can have. It’s in our daily lives all over, but why is it? What is it? How do you deal with it? How do we overcome it?iStock_000013629812Small.jpeg

We’ve all had this problem at some point in our lives. This was a big problem to Tim Urban. He struggled with procrastination for most of his life. It was such a big problem in his life that he almost failed college because he waited until the very last day to do a paper that’s worth half of his overall grade. So what he did next was pretty impressive.  Continue reading Procrastination…

Should Colleges Pay Athletes

Buzz has been going around about colleges not paying their athletes. A couple of years ago in 2014, college athletes and fans around the U.S. tried to get colleges to pay the players. Even video game fans wanted the athletes to get paid for their work. What do you think should happen with the college and their athletes? Should they get paid or should they just be happy that they are playing their dream sport. 58cfd1f01d000028007cf4c8

The NCAA not paying their athletes has rose to the surface in this past year. This isn’t any new news, This has been brewing in the media for years now. It all started back in 2014 when the NCAA games stopped producing products. People were getting mad from all the money the colleges and game companies were making while t Continue reading Should Colleges Pay Athletes

Nick Foles vs Tom Brady

How did the quarterbacks from both teams hold up in the biggest game of the year? The “GOAT” vs the “Underdog” in a clash between two of the best teams in the nation. Who came out on top? Who did you vote for? Who is still the fan favorite? Lets dive into the stats behind the two QBs from this past Super Bowl Sunday’s game.


First, lets see how the so called “Underdog” held up against one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, Tom Brady. Nick Foles had one of the best games of his Continue reading Nick Foles vs Tom Brady