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Coronavirus Shuts Down Ohio Schools

Coronavirus shuts down Ohio schools for 3 weeks. What this means for students in Ohio is unknown. As far as extended spring break to doing online school, we are not yet sure of.

Mike DeWine has been tweeting mentions of the Coronavirus, but as of today 3/12/2020 he has said “We have today again consulted with experts, so we are announcing today that children in the state will have an extended spring break of 3 weeks. We will review it afterwards. This will begin on Monday.” Concluding that all schools in Ohio will be closed until April 3rd beginning on Monday 3/16/20.


Many Ohio colleges have already been sent on spring break, considering some students travel out of state, and even out of the country, the colleges have shut down to the public, and even the students who attend.  College campuses aren’t even allowing students back on campus to collect their belongings. Colleges have been said to be trying some online schooling, but if that’s said to be a good change instead of hands on is yet to be confirmed.


For nationwide Trump has set a European travel ban to stop the Coronavirus from spreading. This may have been a smart move on his part, however this leaves many students who traveled out of the country to be quarantined when they arrive back in the states protecting us Ohioans and Americans.

Ohio governor Mike Dewine has said to keep us updated, as far as we know West Clermont, and all Ohio schools will have an extended spring break, we have yet to receive further information about what’s to happen within those 3 weeks. Stay safe, and sanitize. #COVID19OhioReady


Summary of Mike DeWines tweets


“We shouldn’t panic, but we should take rational actions to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and others. This is an opportunity for us to come together as Ohioans. #COVID19 #COVID19OhioReady #Ohio”


“We are told by medical experts that the number of #COVID19 cases today will double in six days – and it will continue to do so.”

“In regard to state psychiatric hospitals, there will also be no outside visitors permitted. Our @Ohio_MHAS Director will have an order related to this soon. #COVID19 #COVID19OhioReady“

”It does NOT apply to typical office environments, schools, restaurants, factories, or retail or grocery stores where large groups of people are present but it is unusual for them to be within an arm’s length of one another. #COVID19 #COVID19OhioReady”

”At the close of school on Monday is when the school closure starts until April 3. All K-12 schools: Public, private, charter. #COVID19 #COVID19OhioReady”

”Schools: From what we can tell based on what has happened elsewhere — unless a child has another medical problem, the risk of death from #COVID19 for a child is not very high, but kids are potential carriers.”

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Stan Lee’s Death

Stan Lee Found Dead at Age 95

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Midnight Sun Review

Movie Information:

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