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Skin Care Products and Treatments

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Almost everyone has dealt with some sort of skin care problem whether it be really bad acne to a pimple.  Either way it sucks having skin care problems.  With today’s technology and product advancements we do have products and even tricks to help with acne, pimples and any other skin care issues you may find.  

Halloween Restrictions due to COVID-19

Halloween is going to be very strange and different this year. Most of 2020 has been affected and altered by COVID-19, and October 31st is going to be no different. Health officials are recommending that everyone stays inside, and to avoid large gatherings such as parties or haunted houses. They say to have caution while trick-or-treating, if you do decide to go out. Many events have already been canceled, such as Kings Island’s Halloween Haunt. Not only have things gotten canceled, but some have been moved online. Many towns will have online costume contests and games live over Zoom. Some states are being very strict with restrictions on Halloween this year, and others not so much. 

5 Best Fast Food Restaurants in Amelia

We’ve all had those days. You’re driving around, looking for something quick to eat to curb your hunger for the night. Dozens of choices lay before you. McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Dairy Queen, and even more. What should you get? I don’t know, but I did you a favor and I’m gonna help you limit your choices to 5. You’re welcome.

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Netflix Drama Movies Review

Sometimes, it’s hard to find interesting movies to watch on Netflix. That’s why I decided to binge-watch a few movies from the drama genre section, rate them, and give my overall opinion on each. I sorted the movies from best to least that way you can decide whether or not these films are worth watching.

**CAUTION: spoilers are ahead

Save The Earth

If every person on the planet contributed a little bit of effort to help keeping the environment clean, it would make the world a tremendously better place. Scientists have proven that humans use Earths resources fifty percent faster than it is replenished. This lead them to conclude that by the year 2030 (ten years from now), we technically will need two Earths to support our population and consumption. We also have destroyed numerous animal and plant lives and habitats. Every year between 18,000 and 55,000 species go extinct due to human activities.Image result for environment planet earth"

Us people are also naturally wasteful. On Average (especially the western society) we waste food, paper, packaging, old electronics, metals etc. U.S. industries generate almost 8 billion tons of waste each year. There is many issues coming in the short, and long run for our planet, but their is many ways you can help turn the environment around for the better.

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WCHS Teacher Spotlight- Mrs. Schmidt

Mrs. Schmidt is a sophomore english teacher at West Clermont High School. She teaches English II and Act-Prep. I decided to interview her this week over last minute semester thoughts as well as going into the 2nd semester. Below are some of the questions I had asked.

Is this last week stressful? 

  • No, this last week has been good. The previous week was bad.

How do you feel about teachers giving students tests the last week of the semester? 

  • I am 100% all for it because I think it helps keep the students engaged the last week of the semester, it’s a good idea.

What kind of work do you usually give to students the last week of the semester?

  • I usually like to give something that allows students to gain credit, raise their grade, or allow students who are trying to raise their grade to passing.

Do students typically get lazy knowing it’s the last week?

  • Yes, or they become hyper and engaged where they start to look at any missing assignments they may find on Schoology. Usually, that’s the time where I get piles of missing work that students are frantically trying to turn in for full credit.

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WCHS Teacher Spotlight- Ms. Calton

West Clermont high school teacher spotlight winner is Ms. Calton!

Strawberry Fields in Central Park

Ms. Calton has been a teacher for 11 years. She has known since high school that teaching was her dream job. She always loved being at school. She loved English class and was very skilled in the area. She also loves kids and knew she wanted to work with them! Ms. Calton wanted to do something with a lot of variety and she says that “-with teaching no day is the same!” Continue reading WCHS Teacher Spotlight- Ms. Calton

Klaus Netflix Movie Review

The new holiday English (some Sami speaking) movie , Klaus is Netflix’s first original animated movie for ages 6 and up. It was directed and produced by Sergio Pablos and is an hour and 38 minutes long. The movie was released November 8th of 2019, and had a budget of 40 million! out of almost 500 google rating the movie has an overall average rating of 4.9 stars. And on Rotten Tomato it was rated a 92% by tomato critiques and a 98% by the audience. Continue reading Klaus Netflix Movie Review