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Meet The Company

DSC_0235Saturday night dance company had an amazing performance! The dance team didn’t disappoint bringing jaw dropping back flips, somersault, lifts, and more! The danced to classics such as Back in Black by AC/DC, Blame it on the Boogie by Micheal Jackson, and You Make Me Feel So Young by Frank Sinatra to newer and more contemporary songs like Glorious  by Macklemore, Hair by Little Mix, Friend Like Me by Ne Yo from Aladin, and more.

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First Dance of WC!

This weekend West Clermont’s very own dance company performed their first showcase for the school, Meet the Company! Composed of 79 very talented dancers the company will be gaining around 23 more dedicated performers after this season after fall sports wraps up. The auditorium seats were filled and there much anticipation by students, teachers and all of those involved in the work put into the show. Practicing since school started every Tuesday and Thursday after school till 6:30, the dancers have been widely dedicated to perfecting their movements to the best of their ability, with the guidance of Ms Erwin.

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Senior Meeting Recap & Order Info


Last week, all seniors attended a meeting during PACK to discuss college readiness and graduation. The next day, senior order info was discussed.

The first thing went over was the college planning timeline for senior year. In fall, you should visit schools and complete applications. Make sure you’re also keeping track of deadlines, searching for scholarships, and asking for letters of recommendation. If you need to retake the ACT or SAT this is the time to do it. Meet with your counselor for help! During winter, make sure the colleges you applied to received all your information and submit financial aid forms. Your acceptance or denial letters will come in spring, when you should make your final decision and complete enrollment paperwork. Make sure to bring all acceptance letters to the guidance office.

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How Not To Annoy Your Teacher

Every teacher at West Clermont loves their job without doubt, but students do not always make that easy. While we often get to hear about how and what students feel about their teachers, it is rare that we come to know the opinions of teachers about their students.

Over the summer most teachers spent time in professional development, attending workshops and seminars covering the latest educational research and data. Teachers love that kind of stuff. Now that the new school year is beginning teachers can finally start to put all the information acquired on our time off to good use. For example, some studies show that students can actually start becoming annoying as early as twenty minutes into the first day of school.

I asked a few teachers what is it that they do not like their students doing or things that their students do that annoy them the most…..

So in the spirit of data-driven instruction and inspired by this helpful list of things that drive high school teachers nuts, I have conferred with my colleagues and came up with a list of things that drive high school teachers crazy. Below is a handy guide for students to positively reflect on how not to annoy your teacher.

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Homecoming: date or no date?

When going to homecoming there’s always that question, would it be better to go with a date or just a group of friends? And whenever you ask people their personal opinions, there’s always a mix of what the answer is. So what is better, going with a date or going without a date?

No date

Going with no date means you don’t have to worry about being asked or asking anyone, it’s just you and your friends so there’s no fiasco of trying to match your dates clothing either. You get to go with your friends and have a good time and get to goof around all you want. You can have a  drama and jealousy free night on the dance floor if you or your date dance with someone else throughout the night because you don’t have one! Get out there and dance with whoever you want!

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Homecoming Floats

The competition this year for the design contest for the floats was really hard. All of the floats were amazingly done and everyone who was a part of it should be really proud of themselves. Student council for each grade had to choose a movie to decorate their float. All the classes chose great movies this year and they were able to decorate their floats amazingly. It was a very tough competition this year so if you were a part of it be proud even if you didn’t win because your work payed off at the very end.   The Freshmen Float theme was West Side Story. The Freshmen didn’t place in the design contest or the spirit contest but they did have a pretty cool float. They showed some school spirit too by adding the wolves vs tigers signs for our homecoming football game on the float. Good job Freshman on your float it is really well done. 

The Sophomore Float theme was Singing in the Rain. This year the Sophomores won the first ever West Clermont float contest. They did not place in the spirit contest but you can’t win everything. The cool thing about their float was that they wrote every sophomores name onto the bricks on the float. Good job Sophomore’s this year on your win. 

The Juniors Float them was James Bond. They placed second in the spirit contest with a 37%. They didn’t place in the design contest but they did have an amazing float and by the way they placed in the spirit competition it sounds like they had a blast making it. So congrats Junior’s on your second in the spirit contest. 

The Senior Float theme was The Wizard of Oz. The Senior’s got a second in the design contest and a first in the spirit contest with a 49%. The Senior’s had an amazing float and were having a great time building the it. The Senior’s are also the only class that placed in both competitions this year so congratulations on that. 

Congratulations to all student council members for your amazing floats. Sophomore’s good job on your win in the design contest. Junior’s good job for your second in the spirit contest. Senior’s great job with your win in the spirit contest and your second in the design contest. Freshmen better luck next year but you did an amazing job. Lucky for you guys you got another three years. Senior’s good job on your last ever homecoming float in High School.