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Ah, ham. The magnum opus of protein, a vegan’s worst nightmare, arguably man’s greatest creation. The greatest meat of all time, be it deli lunch meat or that juicy mass that you pick up from the grocery to feed the family for Christmas. So simple, yet such a powerful flavor. There simply isn’t anything as great. Ham. Is. Perfect. Read on to learn how to find a good ham, how to make a perfect ham, and which type of ham is the best. Also, see how ham stacks against other deli and lunch meats (spoiler: the ham is better than all of them… obviously).

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Stupid Laws in Ohio

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The United States has very many strange laws on it’s own. However, it’s when we dive into individual state’s laws that it gets even weirder. Ohio is Wolves Weekly’s home state, so why not show some of Ohio’s strangest and most useless laws. Many of these seem completely mind boggling, while others are just pointless. 

The Whale Law:

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In Ohio there is a law against fishing for whales. However, it is only not allowed on Sunday. I’ll let you take a minute to let that sink in. Yes, there is a law against fishing for whales in Ohio! A couple questions arise with this law: What whales even live in Ohio? Who “fishes” for whales? And why is it only on Sundays? I supposed they may have put this law in place to prepare for when whales do come to Ohio, just to bunker down on all the whale haters in advance. Sunday must just be a popular day for whale fishing. It may also be to prevent people from using a fishing rod to catch whales, because that would end up bad.

In it To Win it:

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It is illegal to both install and use a slot machine in an outhouse. You are prohibited to use the bathroom and win some cash at the same time. Lawmakers must not be a fan of killing two birds with one stone. Double up on the big berthas! I can not even begin to imagine what incident happened to make this a law. Does using the bathroom affect your spin’s chances? I’m willing to bet a lot of people were very disappointed when this law was put into place, so much for that pooping casino.

March Madness Teams on upset

Ahhhhh the most wonderful time of the year where everyone in the country sits around on their couch all day watching college basketball hoping that the team that they have picked in their bracket is gonna win trying to get a perfect bracket. The NCAA tournament will be only be held in the state of Indiana where they will be playing at multiple venues across the state and the FInal Four being held in Indianapolis. March Madness is one of the most wonderful times of the year where teams that basically have no shot come out of nowhere to upset one of the top seeds in the tournament. In 2018 the first time in history  the 16 seed UMBC Retrievers beat the 1 seed Virginia Cavaliers to be the first and only team to be a 16 seed and beat the number one seed in the first round. So that brings up the question what teams are gonna be on upset alert by these lower seeded teams.

Top 5 Cartoon Networks Shows

This was originally just gonna be a Top 5 Cartoons list (excluding anime and adult animation), but looking at my list, I realized that every show I’d chosen was from Cartoon Network. Nickelodeon has solid shows of course, from the legendary Spongebob Squarepants to Jimmy Neutron, Fairly Odd Parents, and Avatar: The Last Airbender. Disney had solid shows as well, such as Gravity Falls, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Phineas and Ferb. The only problem is that many of the shows from Disney and Nickelodeon (aside from a few) didn’t tackle heavy themes or were directed more towards a childish audience with a loose plot, if any plot. Cartoon Network was always often blurring that line between a show appropriate for children and a show that belonged Adult Swim. Cartoon Network also took big steps in animation different animation styles, bringing forth an immense display of creativeness and art. Without further ado, here are my top 5 Cartoon Network shows.

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Gamer Madness – A Tournament to Determine the Best Video Game Ever Made

What is the best video game ever created? Well, that’s a pretty objective question, as it depends on the player’s preference. How do you truly determine such a thing? Well, I wanted to find out. I created a tournament bracket of 128 iconic well-known video games, ranging from all types of genres and styles and time periods. I threw these games against one another at random to inspire many heated debates. Myself and four others voted through a democratic system to determine the winner of each match until we came to the satisfying conclusion of the best games out there. Here were the results.

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Why Liminal Spaces Feel Like An Altered Reality

Liminal spaces can be hard to define, but a common definition is that they are a threshold, or a transitional period, as defined by Reddit, “A liminal space is the time between the ‘what was’ and the ‘next.’” Whenever you look at a photo of a liminal space or are at one, it may feel unsettling and look ‘frozen.’

You Don’t Run Your Computer

Gone are the times of firing up a computer and performing some web browsing, scrolling through social media, or doing a bit of work. Today, a lot of things you do, and nearly everywhere you go, is being tracked. While this isn’t exactly meant as telemetry, it’s functioning as telemetry. Your phone, computer, or nearly any device you use that’s connected to the net is tracking various things. In the newest macOS update, Big Sur, everything you do is logged and sent to Apple. This was first reported on by Jeffrey Paul, with the program Little Snitch. On November 12, 2020, Apple’s hash servers slowed right down, and it affected every iMac connected to the internet. Almost every computer has some kind of hash server so long it is running Mac or Windows. It knows your IP address at every moment, so it knows your location, but this is nothing new. Well, a more significant problem exists.

Ranking Popular Thanksgiving Foods

Since Thanksgiving was today, I thought that it would be fun to personally rank some popular Thanksgiving foods. Thanksgiving is fun and all, but it’s probably one of my least favorite holidays. I really just don’t like the food that much, and I probably never will. I also wouldn’t really call myself a picky eater, but I really only like the super basic Thanksgiving foods. This list is solely going to be based on my own opinion, which many people will probably disagree with.