West Clermont Wolves Winter Sports

West Clermont high school is starting their winter sports seasons up in Early November. The first West Clermont Wolves basketball season is gearing up and will begin in November, the boys and girls teams have already held tryouts and began to practice. Conditioning has been happening since late summer, Coach Mazzaro from previous Amelia high school is coaching the boys team and the girls Coach Jeff Click who is from Glen Este High School. The boys are having tryouts on Friday the 3rd. The girls season does not start until late November, but the girls have already had tryouts on October 27th.

The West Clermont Bowling is starting up on November 3rd. There are two coaches for this team. Those coaches are Kevin Briggs and Gary Stroop. There is a $250 fee to go with playing this sport.

Wrestling is also starting up soon the first meeting was on October 30th. There’s only one coach for wrestling this year which is Coach Redmond who is one of the health teachers at West Clermont High. There are two teams JV and Varsity. Practice start at 3:30 at West Clermont on November 3rd which is on a friday.

The West Clermont swimmers have their first official practice on Friday November the 3rd, starting right after school until 4:45. There are two Coaches for this team, Coach Bowling amd Coach Mayne. Both of these coaches are teachers in the West Clermont School District. You can still join the team as long as you come to the practice friday. As of right now there are 65 people on this team but who says you can’t still join.

Wolves Diving season is starting up on November 7th of this year as well. There is only one coach for this team, and her name is Lisa Werwinski. They only need one coach because there are only four people on the team as of right now. This team’s season last from November to about the second week of January or if they make championships then it will go till late February.

As all of these sports are about to start a bunch are ending. West Clermont just had their senior night a few weeks ago for cheerleading, Golf, band and Football. The Football had there last school game against Milford on Friday the 27th. They won that game and now are going to the playoffs on November 3rd Against Mason. Go on and howl with the wolf pack

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