Borderlands 3 Trailer and Leaks

          Recently the new Gearbox project Borderlands 3 has swept over headlines, and for good reason. It was finally shown off with an almost four minute trailer at popular media event PAX East last week, and since countless leaks have occurred revealing more information to the fans, and generating an absurd amount of hype.

          But what is Borderlands 3? Though the title suggests otherwise, it’s actually the 4th installment in the Borderlands franchise. It’s a video game series many hold dear to their heart. The Borderlands games are a series of 1st person looter shooters which have been praised time and time again. Each release has been full of memorable characters, comedic stories, intense action and boss fights, all to an iconic art style. On top of this, the amount of content and randomness grant almost endless replayability. Each game has four main protagonists, and Borderlands is considered one of the all time best cooperative series to ever exist, allowing you and your closest friends to come together in hopes of searching for your fortune, hunting down mythical vaults.

Leaked cover art depicts the series mascot of a Psycho posing like Jesus. He’s holding up three fingers for the third main game, a buzzsaw substitutes a walking stick, and the sacred heart was replaced with a hand grenade.

         The franchise is treasured by many for the sheer amount of loot and collectibles there are to find. Featuring a randomly generated gun generator, over 17,000,000 weapons were available to the player, and that’s just the first game which released in 2009. Since then, each installment has featured more and more variety and weapons to experiment with. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (the latest release in 2014) sees 34,527,769 different variations of weapons. If you thought the millions on millions of weapons was high enough, Borderlands 3 is set to blow that statistic out of the water. According to the newest developer trailer, BL3 will have over 1 BILLION collectible weapons. Including guns with legs.

          The trailer also showed off the new antagonists, a duo of pretty edgy looking villains. We don’t have much information on them yet, apart from speculation. It’ll be hard for them to stand up against previous antagonists such as Handsome Jack, who charmed players with his charisma and even though he was the bad guy you couldn’t help but love him.

Still from the new trailer showing all four of the new playable characters. If leaks provide accurate, from left to right stand: Amara, FL4K, Moze and Zane. Image courtesy of Gearbox Software.

          The four new playable characters haven’t had much officially revealed over them apart from their aesthetic, but through snippets of the trailer and leaks, we have a good idea of what to expect. Each character is their own class, similar to past titles. This time around you have Amara the Siren, sirens being women wielding mystical powers and mysterious backgrounds. FL4K the beastmaster, who has a series of pets at his disposal. Moze the Soldier, who deploys a mech for assistance and her teammates to ride. Finally there’s Zane the Gadgeteer, who takes the assassin role and may deploy decoys to distract and draw attention of enemies.

          Speaking of leaks, there was recently a big revelation of information on the 1st. Originally thought of as an April Fools joke, it turns out there was more to it as all posts were quickly removed. It’s alleged that the Twitter ad overlay may have jumped the gun and caused the leak. One of the major takeaways is the release date of 9/13/19. This is sooner than originally anticipated, since a 2020 release was entirely plausible and possible. However, a 2019 window of release was rumored or teased by Gearbox, but now there’s a leaked date. Remember it’s still a leak, so take it with a grain of salt, but so far leaks have proven to be accurate.

Screenshot a fan took of the April 1st leak before the tweet was taken down.

          While a lot of it is exciting stuff, there’s one fact that has been concerning to a lot of people. That is that a logo for the Epic Games Store was found in one of the leaked video teasers. The Epic Store has been riddled with problems, including a lack of basic features such as no shopping cart or cloud saves. This on top of the other perks and wide diversity of titles available, many choose competitor Valve’s Steam as the optimal program. Valve has had a monopoly on the PC platform for a long time, and Epic Games is trying to get their foot in the door with exclusive titles. But until now, there hasn’t been any major AAA title to be exclusive to the program. If the rumors are true, and Borderlands 3 is to be an exclusive, this may be the push needed for people to use a separate launcher.

CEO of Gearbox, Randy Pitchford, was quoted supporting the store and decision made by his publishers.

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