Worst Winter Fashion 2017-18

1. Cold Shoulder Sweaters

The cutouts defeat the purpose of a sweater, and they don’t belong in any of the seasons. They’re too cold for Canadian winters and too warm for the summer. I think I’ll pass for this winter.

2. Ripped Clothes

download (1)
Why would anyone want ventilation for their pants in the middle of the winter? Why pay for a damaged product? If I ripped a pair of pants, I would donate them to Goodwill. Not sell it for $30 or so.
3. Paint Splatter Pants

download (2)

These are the worst! They look like someone vomited on them. The garments look like trash. Why would anyone pay money to wear them?
4. Faux Velvet

download (3)
Velvet feels like the other side of a velcro pad. I cringe at the idea of touching it. Buying this is a waste of money, it’s uncomfortable and useless if you spill something in it.
5. Corset Straps

images (3)
I understand the concept of these on t-shirts or actual corsets but leggings? Leggings are already tight enough why do you need corset straps? They are meant to pull clothes in and make them tighter, so the idea of them on leggings makes no sense.

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