Sleeping Makes You Smarter

Everyone in the world should spend roughly 1/3 of their time sleeping. Sleep is necessary to stay alert and ready, but it also effects our ability to learn new information. And researches are coming to find out that sleep enhances our memories. For example if you stay up late all night studying for a test you have early the next morning, you’re not going to be able to remember all the information you took in because you stayed up the whole night before.

Image result for sleep makes you smarterWhen you sleep we create all kinds of new neuron connections, which are building blocks. But the connection is where all of the action is. Which form the basis for our thoughts, memories, problem solving, decision making and all of the other important aspects of us that makes us human. Scientists have been able to witness this process under a microscope while individuals are sleeping. they watched the brain build memories and recreate everything that happened to you during your day. Like playing back a movie. Which is building new connections between the neurons. During our sleep our brain also grows new neurons, which makes thousands of different connections to other neurons. They get busy through out the night solving problems and performing different types of tasks.Image result for sleep makes you smarter

NREM sleep is a type of sleep that takes place during the first half of the night it encodes facts and information we discovered during the day. and REM sleep is a type of sleeping that takes place during the second half of the night and it encodes procedural memories like how to perform a new skill. Many say that REM sleep directly enhances creative processing more than any other sleep or wake state. Only REM sleep enhances creativity at a drastic amount. The brain makes new and useful association between unrelated events to creatively tackle the problems that have just recently approached you.Image result for sleep makes you smarter

We live in a world where it is praised and is honorable to run functionally on a small amount of sleep but if you think about it those people are honestly just sleep deprived and don’t take in new information easily. Those people lack the mental ability to correctly access there learning and creativity, most likely because they are exhausted. So next time you feel a little down about napping or falling asleep at 8:30 and waking up with more than 10 hours of sleep. Just know you are waking up smarter and with new solutions for the problems you had the day before.

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